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    putting small holes in paper from 10m to 1000yards
  1. Scope Stand

    http://www.championshooters.com/Stands.htm hope this helps, just remember to add VAT into the price when it arrives in the UK.
  2. Scope Mounts

    try champions choice from the usa on http://www.champchoice.com/detail.php?item=CC530S or better still http://www.championshooters.com/Stands.htm i think the part you need is the saddle head at $23.00 each or the complete saddle head assembly at $58.00 each remember to allow for VAT to be added to the price when it arrives into the UK. i ordered the complete freeland stand and zoom head for $109.00 which is about £58 plus postage which came to about £20 including import duty and VAT . (NSRA price £125.00 plus postage and packing??? :angry: hope this helps Bell
  3. Clear Out Sale

    3P shooting trousers by Mouche right handed bright red approx 33-34 waist and 30” inside leg, small fray mark on hem of right leg but generally in good condition. £30.00 ono - NOW SOLD
  4. Clear Out Sale

    FWB 601 air rifle - NOW SOLD
  5. Left Handed 3p Rimfire Rifle

    Guesty, mike raybould is the guy at stourport with the 1813 for sale, he can be contacted on 07720 458972 or by email on mike@raybold.net the only problem is the rifle and case are actually on the notice board for £595 not £525 sorry this was my error??? as an alternative bert brookes has a left handed 1813 for sale for £550 also at stourport and yes it is bert brookes from eley before anyone askes, he can be contacted on 07973 103975 but he's at camp perry at the moment enjoying the US pistol championships... hope this helps. by the way i shot 3P for several years with an 1810 just like smallbores rifle, it works very well for 3P and i still use the 1810 stock ocasionally to keep my hand in. regards mark
  6. Left Handed 3p Rimfire Rifle

    Matt, one of our club members at stourport has a left handed 1813 plus kit for sale at £525. its in very nice condition etc. if you want i,ll forward on the details to you on monday with the guys details if you want? regards Mark.
  7. Clear Out Sale

    Anschutz 1813 but plate and carrier assembly. NOW SOLD
  8. Butthooks For Anschutz

    Terry, i would be happy to take the later model of your hands myself, PM me with your proposed prices. regards mark.
  9. Butthooks For Anschutz

    DWC, i currently have an old 1813-1413 butt plate and carrier assembly for sale for £25.00 if your interested on the loot page. please note its the old type plate which adjusts up and down only, cant adjustment is handled by slotted holes in the carrier plate which is included.. i might even be able to find the old one peice hook to go with it if you wanted? just let me know. regards Mark
  10. Clear Out Sale

    Jim, as of this morning both the prone stock 1811-1911 and the 1813 but plate are both still avalible, the exchange rate from the pound to the dollar as of today is $1.82 = £1.00 so the stock would be $273 and the butt plate $45 all plus postage which could be about $60? you should no that the 1813 butt plate is the old type which is none adjustable, will post you pictures of both items offline if required. also you may need to check with us customs that i can send the stock to you as the import regulations into the us have changed recently???? regards mark.
  11. Clear Out Sale

    For sale due to lack of storage space.. 1811-1911 Anschutz prone rifle stock in very good condition, single bolt mark in cheek piece and a small amount of makes on the for end rail from bipod and hand stop fixings. £150.00 ono FWB 601 air rifle, good condition and in perfect working order. Complete with spare rear site and site raising blocks. Will split if required. £250.00 ono 3P shooting trousers by Mouche right handed bright red approx 33-34 waist and 30” inside leg, small fray mark on hem of right leg but generally in good condition. £30.00 ono 3P shooting jacket by Mouche right handed, finished in black and blue leather front and white double canvas back. Please note this jacket fits a 40” chest and would suit a shorter shooter, as I’m 5’8”. Not in bad condition considering the use this jacket received small repair to lycra panel under left arm pit. £50.00 ono Kusterman shooting boots size 8 in very good condition. £30.00 ono Nikko Sterling 6-24x42 target master receiver mounted scope with 1/8 minuet adjustments with 30/30 reticule in very good condition, ideal for anysight’s / training etc. comes complete with sun shade and original box. £80.00 .22”LR Tobler stainless steel barrel with highly polished finish chambered and ready to fit to 1813 etc, please note this is a used barrel and I can’t give the history prior to me buying it in fitted to my first rifle in 1993, and its being in my safe since 1996. please note you must posses the authority to purchase a 0.22LR barrel on your certificate to purchase this item. £100.00 ono Anschutz 1813 but plate and carrier assembly. £25.00 ono please note the buyer is to pay postage charges, or collect from bisley during smallbore week. i'll happly post pictures if required.