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  1. Wanted - Left Handed Stock

    Thanks, no the situation isn't desperate, the in-two-pieces rifle seems to work very well. I've given up trying to get the insurance claim in just trying to find a replacement. The rifle is an Anschutz 1913 (or something) with left handed action. i should have mentioned that (oops). (cheers any way patrick, oh and it's a bit rich about the eternal student.....) Not going to be able to get it before BUSA, but trying to get something organised before next term. Donald do you have Tricia's number (or email), could you email it to me thanks. Jamie Cole - Hamilton. P.s. I think the Woodworking course is a good idea....
  2. Wanted - Left Handed Stock

    Does any one know where i could possible get my hands on a light weight left handed stock. As Edinburgh University Rifle Club has one of it's main team members shooting with one in two peices... I know it's difficult to find one of these, and i have less of a clue than any one, so if any one could give me some direction to go in... Thanks Jamie Cole - Hamilton