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  1. Scatt Usb For Sale

    Sorry for the delay - This is now sold!
  2. Scatt Usb For Sale

    I'm looking to sell my SCATT USB shooting trainer as i really don't use it. It's a shame to let such a great bit of kit go unused and therefore would like to pass it on to help another shooter. Comes with all necessary bits to operate (Target frame, barrel sensor + mounting kit and cables etc) For more information go to: http://www.scatt.com/training-systems/9/scatt-usb/ I'm looking for £550... (this price does not include the Laptop in the photo - however i would consider selling for £75 without an operating system... it's quite old but runs the scatt software fine..) Any interest, send me a message and i can send more photos / info i required. Thanks Andy
  3. P70 Wooden Stock Hard Case

    I bought a second had P70 (metal stock) which also came with a wooden stock and a hard case that had been modified to take the wooden stock and accessories. Unfortunately due to it being slightly larger, the metal stock will not fit. I'm therefore willing to sell the case to someone out there still using a wooden stock. The foam is surprising study and thought it very professional looking, it's only a shame that i cannot use it myself. The case itself is made by Doskocil, not sure of the model but hopeful it can easily be recognized from the photos below, and appears to be in good condition despite the usual stuffs from use. The foam inside is still immaculate and looks barely used. I'm looking for £50 to go towards some much needed new kit! If any more info is needed please pm me...
  4. Air Rifle

    Sorry for the huge delay in a response... i completely forgot about the thread.. I have sent a message to Chris declining his kind offer… think I am going to hold out for a slightly newer one… Thanks again Chris
  5. Air Rifle

    I'm looking into starting air rifle which means i could do with getting hold of a rifle itself.. preferably a FWB p70... Any leads will be appreciated
  6. Gemini Butt Plate

    Does anyone have a second hand Gemini Butt Plate that they want to sell?
  7. Old .22 1813 Barrel And Action

    I have an Anschutz 2213 stock, so it shouldn't be a problem... The cost isn't really an issue, it's something i have been wanted to get for years but have never gotten round to it... i'm sure i'll save the £130 needed for deactivating and proofing in a few months on petrol that i would be saving... and will easily last thought my final 2 years at uni... and who knows i could even sell it on to someone then who's in the same situation i'm in now...
  8. Old .22 1813 Barrel And Action

    Well I wouldn't be doing a huge amount of live firing, once a week... it only takes two seconds to undo the bedding bolts and sights, and I have a good torque wrench to make sure everything goes back together the same way... I still think the benefits heavily out weigh not getting a deactivated barrel and action ..yeah I will be at BUSA, however I suspect that I will be the only one from Bath... not the most organised people I have met... oh well a team of 1 is better then none...
  9. Old .22 1813 Barrel And Action

    Well that’s what I am doing at the moment... but even now it's a 80min round trip to get to my rifle, then when I get back to uni in September it will probably be similar when I have been to pick it up and take it back and get keys and permission etc. The rifle won't be too dissimilar to my own, I’ll drop it in my current stock, and use my current equipment. The only difference will be the foresight as the grooves are different on my current 1913. Another worry is the weight difference due to machining when deactivating, but that should be easily solvable…
  10. Old .22 1813 Barrel And Action

    Yes it is a lot cheaper, however as I am still at uni for another 2 years and living in rented accommodation. It would be easier to have a rifle deactivated for £130 and keep it under my bed then having all the hassle of having a gun cabinet installed and inspected each time i move house. There is a place on campus that can store my rifle, going to get it 3 times a week is a right pain in the backside (with having to get keys for people etc), especially with the free time problems i will be having in my 4th and 5th year... Spending the money would save a lot of time in the long run... it' something I’ve put a lot of thought into... I'm not 100% sure on the trigger mechanism working, I briefly read though the deactivation criteria and I don't remember reading anything about the actual trigger mechanism, maybe what they have to do to the bolt may stop the trigger actually releasing.. I would like to know for sure if anyone has any more info...
  11. Old .22 1813 Barrel And Action

    I'm after an old and unwanted 1813 barrel and action that i can have to get deactivated for dry fire training. Can be shot out, have a bent barrel etc. Would much prefer the trigger to be working. Anyone who may have one, or knows of someone who has one that wants rid, please let me know.... Thanks.