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  1. Anschutz Glove

    I think 99p is quite reasonable! I did originally buy it in the NSRA at some ripoff price. Stupid me. As I said though, the only reason for listing it here is on the vague chance someone might know a casual club shooter who might be interested.
  2. Website Hosting

    Appologies for a geeky post, but I was wondering who you use to host this forum Neil? I am currently using a webhost in the states, which is cheap, but rediculously unreliable. Charlie.
  3. Chalk Targets

    Use polos. Or alternatively there a family department store in Rushden, Northants called Peter Crisp that used to sell them.
  4. Shooting Cardigan- Wanted.

    I'm looking for the same thing, but in a small size if anyone has one...