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  1. Paul My apologies for getting your hopes up. I know that I have two of these, I just can't find them at the moment. Sorry Charles
  2. Paul I have the very thing - PM me for details Cheers Charles
  3. I am selling this on behalf of a clubmate The exact date of the barrel / action is not clear but is 97/98 vintage as far as I can tell. It has had very light usage, with only approx 5,000 rounds put through it. It comes with bedding bolts for an anschutz laminate stock and a black gunguard case. £500.00 or very nearest offer I will be at the Scottish, Bisley and the Appleton American 1200, otherwise it is available to view in Aberdeen / shire
  4. Select Anschutz 1913 Barrel And Action

    Now SOLD
  5. One thousand, consecutively numbered fanfold targets. Cellophane wrapped in four packs of 250. - £15 per pack ono. Collection only, from Aberdeen, The Scottish (Lauder), Appleton (coinciding with their Opens this summer) or Bisley small-bore week. Folks, 100 of you browsed this, so there must be some interest - REDUCED PRICE - £10per pack
  6. Wanted - Anschutz Stock Rail

    Hitch If you haven't found one yet, I have one you could have for £15 plus postage. PM me if interested Charles
  7. Vostok .22 Target Rifles Wanted

    Hi Neo The only thing I can suggest is check your junk mail - the e-mail appears to have sent from me ok. The only other thing I can suggest is pm me you mobile number and I'll text the photos to you. Cheers Charles
  8. Vostok .22 Target Rifles Wanted

    Neo Ddid you get the photos? I sent them and appeared to go ok this time. Let me know if you didn't Thanks Charles
  9. Foresight And Rearsight - Sorted!

    Many thanks for that Simon - glad that she likes it and it's working for her. Cheers, Charles
  10. Foresight And Rearsight - Sorted!

    Hi Simon Currently having serious problems with EE, so have no access to phone - was hoping to check with Louise that she's happy with her purchase. Any feedback, good or bad would be welcomed. Many thanks and with best regards Charles
  11. Vostok .22 Target Rifles Wanted

    If you want to pm me with what you are looking for, and your reasoning why Vostoks, I have three which I would be content to part with cheaply.
  12. Foresight And Rearsight - Sorted!

    Simon, Will see if there is anything suitable on the board through the week. Cheers Charles
  13. Rifle - Anschutz 1813, R/H, wooden stock, cut down butt hook. Defcon bedded and Hart stainless barrel - work completed by Calum Ferguson, Precision Rifle Services, Tomintoul. Last Eley batch test available. Neson extension tube and turn over foresight (no level), screw in element holder for same. Short rod and phosphor bronze brush for cleaning tube. No rear sight. £450 ono. (will be at Appleton, Scottish and Bisley this summer.) Bushnell Rifle Scope - 3-9x40, with mounts of unknown make. Mint, but no box. £100 ono Firing point kit - Anschutz visor in grey, five gloves - fingered (1 Anchutz and 1 Akah) and fingerless(3 - 2 Kusterman and 1 Monard) (large) cycling glove for right hand (small), two timing clocks, Tucker ammunition box, two case guard ammunition boxes, feinwerkbau wrenches, anschutz bipod, standard anschutz peep with rubber eye cup, allen keys and spanners, phosphor bronze brushes x2 (new), VFG Felt jag, breech flags, Eley cool bag with target clips - £40 Sauer powerstretch pullover shooting top, large size, never worn £40 ESE type 4 fold waterproof mat £30 Tucker Roll mat - £20 Bisley Brand swan neck scope mount, for one inch tube, 58mm objective (new) £15 Anschutz 8mm foresight raising block, BNIB £12 Centra Block 4, rearsight raising block, new - £12 High End foresight elements - M18 4.7/1.3, M18 4.6/1.3 - £10 each Parker-Hale QL2 speedloader rail for BSA (a vintage bit of kit!) - £10 Parke Hale wooden ammunition box - 5x10 wooden blocks with hinged wooden lid - £10 Photographs of all items are available, unfortunately the JPEGs are too large to upload here. PM me your e-mail if you would like to see any of the photos. All items will be on the board at the Scottish next week Payment by cheque, unless arranged otherwise.
  14. I'm off to Appleton, so if you do PM me, it will be the end of the weekend before I respond. My apologies
  15. I keep finding stuff - more items added
  16. Beltherion - PM sent
  17. List updated with som reductions in price and more items added
  18. Anschutz Plastic Buttpad

    A picture paints a thousand words . . . . I'll take a photo of what I have and sent it to you if you PM me your e-mail.
  19. Anschutz Plastic Buttpad

    Is that similar to the one that featured on the 14/1807? I've looked at various pictures online, including on the Anschutz website, but none have particularly focused on the butt? If it is, I think I have one tucked in a box somewhere.
  20. Jmphilips = PM sent
  21. Rifle - Anschutz 1813, wooden stock, cut down butt hook, Defcon bedded and Hart stainless barrel - work done by Calum Ferguson. Last Eley batch test results available. Neson extension tube and turn over foresight (no level) Short rod and phosphor bronze brush for cleaning tube. No rear sight. £600 ono (will be at Scottish, Bisley, Appleton and Caithness this summer) Firing point kit - Anschutz visor in grey, two gloves - fingers and fingerless, (large), R/H cycling glove (small), two timing clocks, phosphor bronze bushes x2 (new), anschutz torque wrench, allen keys and spanner, breech flags and Eley cool bag with target clips £75 ono 'Bisley' swan neck scope mount - for one inch tube, 58mm objective maximum (new) £15 Two Anschutz 18mm foresight tunnels for 18 series barrel, both with anschutz levels, two anti glare tubes, two sets of metal foresight elements (various post and ring), part set of Anschutz plastic elements ( 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.9, 4.1, 4.3) and screw in 18mm threaded carrier. black and silver screw on rearsight rings £40 'High End' foresight elements - M22 5.7 / 1.2, M22 6.0 / 1.3, M22 5.5 / 1.3 M18 4.7 / 1.3, M18 4.6 / 1.3 £10 EACH Anzchutz rearsight filter and iris 0.9-1.6. 4 greys, yellow and clear. £15 Gehmann rearsight filter and iris 0.8 - 2.2 clear, 2 greys, amber, green, yellow. £15 Gehmann rearsight filter and iris 0.8 - 2.2 clear, 2 greys, amber, green, yellow £15 Tucker roll mat £20 Scope and Stand - Greenkat straight eye piece, 60mm objective £40 and freeland stand - £150 Stand now SOLD Parker Hale QL2 speed loader rail for BSA ( a vintage bit of kit!) £10 Photos available when I find my cable!
  22. Wanted: Wooden Round Action Stock

    have an 1813 with metalwork - old style butt hook which has been trimmed. Any use?
  23. Scatt For Sale

    USB Scatt for sale, comes with unused Sony Vaio laptop, loaded with Windows Vista and Scatt software - first offer of £750 secures, insured postage included in the price.