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  1. Anschutz Hook For Buttplate Wanted

    Jonty, Are you still looking for a hook? I have one that was hand-made out of a solid block of aluminium that I previously used on a 1413 supermatch and can be seen here. It weights 98 grams and is 6 inches long with "teeth" to ensure no slippage once it has been tightened. If you are interested, let me know. Dave.
  2. Selling Up

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  3. Selling Up

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  4. Selling Up

    Having decided to give up shooting, I have the following items available for sale. Low res pics can be found here. PM me for more information and high res pics. Thanks. Dave Kurt Thune Double Canvas Shooting Jacket £50 - Fits XL (46-48” chest) with extra material available on the overlap - Movable screw-in buttons Buttstop 4-fold Showerproof Mat £10 - Owners initials/clubs on bottom Anschutz 1413 Supermatch Rifle (1973) £300 - Walnut stock with thumbhole - Butt hook - Adjustable cheek piece - Handstop (4751) - Two stage trigger - Rearsight iris and colour filters - Foresight spirit level - Cleaning Rod and Guide Sold Kurt Thune Sling Model II £25 - Excellent condition Sold Contico Double Rifle Case £25 - Black hard case filled with egg-shell foam Sold Gehmann Shooting Glasses £25 - Good condition - Adjustable for frame width, nose bridge height and 360 degree lens movement Sold System Gemini Free Rifle Butt Hook (Blue) £150 Sold Opticron Classic IF Mark II Angled Spotting Scope (40412) £100 - 75mm lens - 22-47x zoom (40406) - Opticron protective case - Very good condition with clear optics - Original specification here - Target shooting stand (well used) Sold Gehmann Shooting Jumper £10 - Size L Sold Boxx 5 Gun Security Cabinet £100 - Carpet base - Pre-drilled securing holes (4 in base and 6 in back) - 135 x 40 x 22 in cms Sold