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  1. Steyr Lp5 For Sale

  2. Steyr Lp5 For Sale

    Medium modified grip, including 3 cylinders, 3 magazines, tools, filler adaptor and manual. £700 ono PM me for further details .
  3. Steyr Lp10 Sold

    New medium grip, including, tools, filler adaptor and manual. £700.00 ono.
  4. Steyr Lp50 Swap

    PM sent.
  5. Delhi 2010 - Commonwealth Games

    I wish I could answer that. I still have my tracksuit top from the 1966 CG somewhere in the back of the shed, last used years ago when I dug up a lawn.
  6. 10M Air Pistol Targets?

    If "tetrathlon" is your sport as well as your name go to:- https://www.pentathl...gions.php?id=10 which is the contact page for pentathlongb in your region, They organise Bi- Tri- Tet- and Pentathlons in your area and buy targets in bulk. Edit Better still go to:- http://www.pentathlongb-yorkshire.co.uk/contacts/ which gives direct email addresses and phone Nos. I suggest you try Liam O'Neil first.
  7. Wanted: Foam?

    I bought some from B&M Latex Sales Limited about 8 years ago, very firm and charcoal grey just the colour for a gun box. They have since expanded and moved but still in Addlestone. Copied from their website:- B&M Latex Sales Limited can be contacted by post, email or by telephone. Contact By Post B&M Latex Sales Limited Inc. Angelic Interiors Unit 8 Waterside Trading Estate Hamm Moor Lane Addlestone KT15 2SN By Email To contact Angelic Interiors by email, please email us at; sales@bandmlatexupholstery.co.uk By Telephone Call our team anytime between 9am - 5pm Monday - Saturday Telephone: 01932 847793 or 01932 844040 Fax: 01932 828955 We are open to the general public 6 days and we have plenty of FREE PARKING right outside our door!
  8. 1550 Peli Case

    Could you phrase that a bit better
  9. Barrel Weight For A Steyr Lp10 Air Pistol

    I have fitted the old barrel weight (LP5) to my LP10. By using a large pair of pliers in 'reverse mode' and the cylinder off the weight can be sprung open enough to slide it over the barrel sleeve and releasing it at the required position. The screws in the weight do not protrude enough to contact the sleeve but my weight does not move. i.e. they are not intended to fit but they do.
  10. Steyr Lp5 Grips

    LP5 will fit the LP10 but first the inside of the grip needs opening up to allow clearance for: a the cocking lever b the cam screw c the stop screw, which would be better described as the cocking lever pivot screw. Not a big job as you do not need to go very deep into the grip. 20 minutes with a sharp chisel. You will need the spacer for the LP10. CLEAR THE DEBRIS BEFORE YOU TRY THE FIT.
  11. Rifle Case

    A bit like the Tardis - bigger inside than outside.
  12. Barrel Wanted

    Jonty, Would you be interested in a new Lilja barrel? Disposing of unwanted Christmas Presents already
  13. Champion Shooting Glasses For Sale

    Both pairs sold. Thanks for the interest. The proceeds will be used for "The Richard Bryan Memorial Trophy" for juniors at Swadlincote P & R C, with the remainder being used for the developement of the junior training program.
  14. Champion Shooting Glasses For Sale

    Yes, they are in the blue Champion fitted case, and only have the 42mm lens holders. They are the model with the umpteen adjustments that can be made whilst being worn.
  15. I have been asked by the executors of Richard Bryan's estate to dispose of his shooting equipment. The following items cannot be donated to a club because of their personal nature, therefore they are offered for sale. Two pairs of Champion, Olympic Champion shooting glasses, both with two 42mm lense holders and flip up eye cover. £120 per pair. (Good old fashioned cash or cheque payable to "WMRTSS" accepted). One 200gm, one 270gm barrel weights , and one Morini medium grip for a Hammerli 208/215. Not much use in mainland UK but I do not how far reaching this circulation is. Offers plus post and packing. Please email WMRTSS@gmail.com (West Midlands Regional Target Shooting Squad) FAO Brian Girling or PM me. I shall be at the NSRA 10m Championships 19th 20th February. Brian Girling Image from Champion