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  1. Bleiker ....

    i wounder what the bank manager would say if you approached them for a loan on a rifle>>?
  2. Kit For Sale

  3. Kit For Sale

    updated items for sale thanks andy
  4. Kit For Sale

    missed a little bit of info off the red stock comes with all bolts, and the normal red trigger guard is also included with the rifle - but not photod as its at me mums in the spare gun case
  5. Kit For Sale

    hi rob left you a message - but if you click the link above - listed as click me - you will see photos of the red stock which is the fwb stock only re "azh man mod" yep that might not make sence (oops sorry) the red stock was taken to the anschutz man that visits bisley every year, he took a small bit out of the stock (shown in 4th photo of other site) so the bolt does not catch on the stock when closing with a 1813 barrel in the stock with a anschutz/fwb 18/19 adaptor in. andy
  6. Kit For Sale

    as asked the fwb comes complete - as i got it with the extra bit of a centra front sight element - rear sight comes with a peep hole ( got 2 and dont know which was the default fwb and which was my 20 click azh peep hole so photoed both you pick as i use centra rear sight bits at present)
  7. Kit For Sale

    due to changing to a new stock i have the following items ( i am open to offers on these items) fwb stock - 2602 red - with azh man mod for adaptor below so bolt closes - complete but with out extras that come with full fwb £375 fwb azh adaptor for 2602 - 18/19 model barrel £75 (miss placed in move at present will update when found) fwb complete rifle 2602 - blue - complete with all standard parts - unused handstop - cheekpiece has rubber which is easy to remove - had about 35k rounds down the barrel - tenex (batch tested normally) - head space is fine for batch testing - last set of groups from 12.5 to 17.5 ish - likes the higher speed tenex ( last batch was 2 years ago which i am only just finishing shooting now at 1071 - centra 22mm 1.2/4.0 forsight £950 (assigned for sale) centra 22mm forsight bubble (see photo) £40 anschutz butt plate - from my new metal stock (see photo) £175 (under offer at this time) sold gemi - fwb adaptor plate. £50 also see this link as i dont have enought space to host any more photos on this site thanks click me
  8. Wanted - Wooden Stock For Anschutz Round Action

    i do have one that is spare i will take photos and post them for you to look at it was a 1813 super match special, moveable cheek and butt. last seen somewhere at home so give me a few days to dig it out.