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  1. Anschutz 1407/1613

    check your mail pls
  2. Mug Shot Bug

    Since the new-look upgrade to stirton, I have a mug shot of somebody else showing up claiming to be me. I guess I can now go around insulting everybody - since nobody will take a swing at me!
  3. Rifle Stock

    any more info and or photo? what does it come with hand stop? butt hook? bolts, what size is the hand stop etc etc ta
  4. Rifles And Bits For Sale

    Any pictures and what size are the boots?
  5. Devon Starting 3p Squad

    Hey a few at Clach might be interested in a postal comp for 3P. Can you keep me in the loop if you are setting anything up please?
  6. Palmrest/handrest

    trying to get into 3P. I need a deep "palmrest"/ "handrest" that will fit my anschutz rail - the thing that rests on your knuckles to lift the front of the rifle. Is anyone out there trying to get out of 3P ??
  7. ** Brand New Htc Touch Diamond Phone **

    That thumbnail at the top had a narrative that said "reduced 81%" so that means about £48?
  8. Anschutz Hand-stop

    I'll take this for the club rifles, will you take paypal?
  9. Left-handed Gemini Fr703***sold***

    check your PM, yes I am interested.
  10. Left-handed Gemini Fr703***sold***

    you have a PM. Will the rail take standard aschutz handstops etc?
  11. Wanted - L/hander

    One of our club Lefties is about to get her FAC and would like to move off the Club BSA Mk II Martini and onto her own rifle. Is anyone aware of a .22 lefthander lurking in any corners? ta
  12. Wanted: Left Handed Bsa Bits

    We have 1 club left-handed rifle and the action is getting a little bit worn. I replaced the action leaf spring a few weeks ago, but the one I put in has a hairline crack and is not going to last much longer. Does anybody have any spares that would suit LH BSA Martini(sp) mk II (yes a 2)? jon
  13. Anschutz 2002 Left Handed Compressed Air Rifle

    Can you get me some details of the rifle - sights (if any) etc - photos would be great. Why is it being sold? ta
  14. Anschutz 2002 Left Handed Compressed Air Rifle

    Is this rifle still for sale? Give me an idea what you are looking for please?
  15. .22 Lh Target Rifle

    I am in the market for a left-handed rifle for .22 prone. I am waiting for another slot to appear on my FAC, but I expect that within a month. Anybody selling anything? Any suggestions where to look for LH kit?
  16. .22 Lh Target Rifle

    If you still have this rifle can you post some pictures, a fuller description - trigger, sights etc and a price pls?
  17. .22 Lh Target Rifle

    I dont know who Jane is but more power to her finger Since the season is about to start she better be quick!!
  18. 300 Bar Diving Cylinder

    If it is new you dont get a test cert. Instead the "tested until date" is stamped on the cylinder - assuming it is steel, dont know what they do with carbon. On mine it is a MMYY format and valid 3 yrs from mrf (not purchase). After that you test. If you mark the cyl as "for on-shore use only" you can get a 5 year instead of a 3 year cert I believe.
  19. Electronic Trainer System

    see email re questions on this sale please.
  20. Lh Stock For A Bsa Mk Ii

    Does anyone have a left-handed stock for a BSA MK II target rifle? Got one- 10 mins after posting! Thanks For lots of BSA bits try 0121 782 3391 John Knibbs(sp?) International (I have no connection with them) - web site is offline so you may not find them with a search.