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  1. Wanted: Walther Off Set Sights

    yeah, everything else was tried.... so yeah, he got fed up and said get off set sights... so i dunno i trust him... i found some.... then i realized (before ordering them) they where canting sight things...
  2. Wanted: Walther Off Set Sights

    its just for 10 m air rifle, some people may know him, Cory Niefer; suggested them to me, because i have a problem with canting too much, and he said Off set sights should do the trick, i can't really explain what else they are, because thats all he said, was you should get some offset sights... i was like Alrighty... but no one in Canada (Maybe Illingsworth, but he never responds to anything) anyways, thanks
  3. Wanted: Walther Off Set Sights

    does anyone know where to get those.... i asked Scott Illingsworth (no reply ) And Joselin (i might have spelled that wrong) only carries FWB..... for a hefty price and my brother needs FWB off-set sights aw well... anyone know?