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    Air rifle & pistol, prone smallbore and centrefire service rifle
  1. Wanted Tenex Style Shooting Jacket

    Thanks. Unfortunately it is a 40" jacket - a wee bit too small for those of a stouter build
  2. Does anybody have an Tenex old style shooting jacket that they want to sell – Mens jacket - size 46” or 48” chest. For all you young whippersnappers, these were the fawny coloured canvas jackets, rubber padded elbows, leather faced patches on the right shoulder and arm, which everybody wore 30 years ago. I appreciate these jackets are rather old and out of fashion, but it would be useful for our club to have one for luring “larger” beginners into the noble art of prone smallbore.
  3. I'm Looking For ....

    I'm looking for a pair of shooting frames, any books, dvds or videos on pistol shooting. Please email and I'll reply immediately. Thanks
  4. Wanted: Reloading Equipment

    Hello Martin I won't be back at Bisley for a wee while. From your profile I see that you live in Gullane - I live in Edinburgh. Why not PM me your phone number, or I'll give you mine, and we can have a chat? Cheers Chris
  5. Wanted: Reloading Equipment

    Hello Forum Does anybody have any of the following, which they want to sell? Single Stage Press Hand Priming Tool (suitable for .303 British) Lee Safety Scale, or similar Inside Outside Case Mouth Chamfer Tool Case Tumbler Cheers Chris