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  1. For Sale Fwb 2700 (Amazing Barrel)

    Hi Chris Direct answers are absolutely fine... I'm asking on behalf of someone else so I'll let you know. Being honest I still think it's a bit steep but as you say good barrel. Cheers for now... Sink
  2. For Sale Fwb 2700 (Amazing Barrel)

    Hi Chris A few questions for you:- How old and how many rounds through the barrel?? Your asking price is quite high compared to a new one hence the questions. What all is included with the rifle?? (sights, handstops, elements, butt plates, filters/polarisers, handshelf(s), rifle case, etc) What's the grip size? (I believe there are 3 choices from new.) Is it yours?? Are you completely packing up?? What's the reason for parting with it?? Cheers for now. Sink
  3. Border Barrel Wanted Or Similar

    Hi Jonty I have a Border (stainless) barrel which I'm not using. I presume you're looking to buy. If interested drop me an email at the_bruces@hotmail.com. Sink
  4. L/handed Anschutz 1600 Series ***sold***

    Hi I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the 1600 model from Anschutz. Can you give something by way of a description or point me to somewhere I can get a description. Thanks. Sink
  5. Fwb 2602 For Sale (blue Alluminium Stock)

    Thanks Rich. I won't see the guy till Friday or Monday but will get back to you asap. Sink I just realised what you've said!!! 14mm for a 40 shot group!! That's almost a bullets width better than I ever get!! Wish I had the dosh!!
  6. Fwb 2602 For Sale (blue Alluminium Stock)

    Hi Rich Any background info such as age, number of rounds, batch testing results, etc?? There may be someone at our club interested. Cheers Sink
  7. 3p Stand

    Hey Jim, do you still have either of the bad boys for sale?? If so what sort of price are you after?? Sink
  8. 2013 For Sale

    Hi Walter I know someone who may be interested. Can you tell me more about the history of the rifle and where it is?? Thanks. Sink
  9. Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    Hi Chris If your boots are still available can you bring them to the ESSU as discussed last weekend and I'll give them a go. Cheers. Sink
  10. Anschutz selected barrel, original stock, original butt hook and sights for sale. The barrel has shot some reasonable scores in the last few years (up to 597) and was the one that helped me win the Haig (quite) a few years ago. It will have had around 60k rounds through it (I've had it since new) and is still capable of reasonable groups with the right ammo. I haven't used it much in the last 3 years or so and I need to make space on my FAC, hence the sale. (I have another barrel which is grouping slightly better with EPS.) I'm looking for around £400, and a quick sale. If you are interested then please send me a PM. Sink
  11. Anschutz (1813) Selected For Sale

    Rifle now sold. Sink
  12. To be honest I've had a lot of trouble with this combination since I bought it 3 years ago. Tried a number of things but can't get it to group all that well, not as well as I would like anyway. Therefore I am looking to sell it to someone who is probably wanting an action into which they want to put a new barrel. Looking for about £100. Send a PM if interested. Cheers Sink
  13. Rh Anschutz S/match Stock

    I've got one, but I was looking to sell off a complete rifle as I have a spare barrel too. Would you be interested in the package??
  14. Upgrading The Forum

    Neil Being a new user I haven't come across many problems, however it does beg the question, what's wrong with the current system?? I know us techies like to have new "bells & whistles" but do the users really care, as long as it does the stuff they want?? You probably have a better feel for that than me but remember to ask yourself the question anyway. If the decision is to move away from your current system to one that costs I would vote for the contribution approach. It would help if there was a reminder popping up every few logins to remind peiople that some dosh would be handy and telling them what it pays for. I'm sure ypour imagination can come up with something that changes regularly and isn't too boring!!