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  1. For Sale - 20 Series Barrel

    Hi Is that for the barrel and action also???? If so I could well be interested! Cheers Dave
  2. 20 Series Action Wanted.

    I am looking for a 20 series action (with bolt), preferably with trigger unit. {edit} - Right Handed action!!! {edit} I'm not interested in a stock or for that matter, the barrel!! If anyone has one that needs a new home or knows of any luking in their clubs, please let me know or pass on my interest! Cheers all Dave
  3. 20 Series Action Wanted.

    Kev, To honest mate, I'm not sure!!!! I have a rough idea what a new one from Anschutz would set me back trade (been talking with them already). Any idea how much they may be looking for?? Dave
  4. 20 Series Action Wanted.

    Bill, Cheers for the suggestion!! I will definatley follow that line of questioning furthar!! Cheers Dave
  5. 20 Series Action Wanted.

    I happen to have another spare un chambered un profiled barrel that needs a home, and i want to try the setup a little different on this one. Hopefully with a second action it will save me the "bother" of swapping barrels in one action.
  6. 20 Series Action Wanted.

    Cheers for the help guys Not really looking for a complete good rifle! Preferably older that needs to given some new life. Already spoken to sharon, cheers Dave
  7. 20 Series Action Wanted.

    Cheers!! If its a selected barrel though it may a shame to to put to my use!! I will bear that in mind and come back to you in the future, possibly depending on what else may crop up? Cheers!!
  8. Kurt Thune Xpert II Jacket - Ladies White, red and Blue (Double Canvas) Originally made to measure – so sizes are approximate. Bust: 36 – 38” Waist: 33” Hips: 46” Arm length: 20” Aprox size – 14 -16 Looking for £375.00 *SOLD* and Kurt Thune Xpert II Trousers - Mens Black, Red and Green (double Canvas) Originally made to measure – so sizes are approximate. Waist: 40” Leg Length: 30” Looking for £175.00 (offers considered) http://forum.stirton.com/uploads/monthly_07_2010/post-50-072396100%201279040949_thumb.jpg http://forum.stirton.com/uploads/monthly_07_2010/post-50-008478700%201279040960_thumb.jpg Can arrange postage if needed, otherwise will be at Bisley for the National Meeting!! Dave
  9. Retirement Sale

    Sorry to hear of your retirement mate. Dave
  10. Peli Cases

    Peli cases really are the way forward for travelling abroad. The cut out in Neils case is fantastic and would be very interested. I got my peli case from Here Good quick delivery. Dave