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  1. FEINWERKBAU Model 800 X

    yes it is!! Please drop me or Sheree an email Cheers Dave
  2. FEINWERKBAU Model 800 X

    This advert is for Sheree.. For Sale - FEINWERKBAU Model 800 X With red air cylinder and spare silver air cylinder. Adapter and emptier. Standard FEINWERKBAU sights and carry case included. Last used For Glasgow Games 2014. £2,200 Will be at the Welsh Airgun in Cardiff 13th - 15th October Pease drop Sheree a line - Shereeat10.9@googlemail.com or message myself
  3. For Sale: System Gemini Fr703 With 1813 Lilja Barrel

    Love the "Iron Man" colours
  4. Gehmann Clearview Rearsight Plus Accessories - Sold

    SOLD - Pending payment and delivery
  5. I have surplus to need a Gehmann Clearview rearsight for sale. It is in "As New" condition and as far as I know never been used. It comes with both the green and yellow filter, the three short tubes that I presume fit on the front of the rearsight?, one is orange Looking for £420.00 for the bundle - SOLD I will be at the British 50m at Bisley / Welsh 50m at Tondu Please see pics for condition and all that is included
  6. Gemini Butt Plate & Foresights

    Another update...
  7. Gemini Butt Plate & Foresights

    update and price drop.....
  8. Gemini Butt Plate & Foresights

    Done See you on Sunday bright and early!! Cheers
  9. Gemini Butt Plate & Foresights

    Hi All, Price drop... a few more bits for sale as they get found 1 x Gemini Butt Plate with carrier - Silver and grey £240.00 £230.00 SOLD 1 x Centra Score tunnel M22 (Anschutz) Red £40.00 (with tool and allen key, no level bars) - SOLD 1 x Centra Score tunnel M18 (Anschutz) Blue £35.00 £30.00 (with internal level bars) - SOLD all sold now. Drop me a line if interested. Cheers Dave
  10. Bits N Bobs For Sale

    Butt plates Sold High ends sold
  11. Bits N Bobs For Sale

    Cheers.. PM's sent
  12. Bits N Bobs For Sale

    A slight "bump".. And I will Be at the Torfaen Open this Sunday (long Ashton) and also at Bisley on the 8th / 9th for the BFRC. I will have the remaining items there: " x Mec Butt plate 2 x Centra M18 score fore sight globes. Cheers
  13. Bits N Bobs For Sale

    The MEC "free" butt plates are still available for Sale, as are the 2 Walther M18 Fore sight globes. Dave
  14. For Sale - Walther Kk300 Anatomic Rifle

    Sold - Subject to FAC etc
  15. For Sale - Walther Kk300 Anatomic Rifle

    My Better half has retired from International competition and has decided to sell her .22 Rifle She bought the rifle new direct from Walther with a selected barrel. It has not been used heavily as she competed and trained with it up to use at Glasgow 2014 and has sat at home since then. Approximate 8500 rounds. The rifle is right handed and comes in a "walther " rifle case ready to go! Included in the sale is: The rifle, Original Walther Rearsight with centra iris, Walther (centra) Foresight, Walther Anatomic palm shelf, Lowey bolt protector MEC "free Position" butt plate MEC handstop with sling clip, Some allen keys! Test group and manual Price - £2850.00 Please see the pictures for details and feel free to drop me a line with any questions. We are based in South Wales, but we and my Dad (RFD) frequents Bisley occasionally. This will end up being advertised elsewhere. Dave