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  1. Sold - FEINWERKBAU Model 800 X

    This is now sold..
  2. Sold - FEINWERKBAU Model 800 X

    THis is still available for sale...
  3. Sold - FEINWERKBAU Model 800 X

    yes it is!! Please drop me or Sheree an email Cheers Dave
  4. Sold - FEINWERKBAU Model 800 X

    This advert is for Sheree.. SOLD - FEINWERKBAU Model 800 X With red air cylinder and spare silver air cylinder. Adapter and emptier. Standard FEINWERKBAU sights and carry case included. Last used For Glasgow Games 2014. £SOLD
  5. Love the "Iron Man" colours
  6. Gehmann Clearview Rearsight Plus Accessories - Sold

    SOLD - Pending payment and delivery
  7. I have surplus to need a Gehmann Clearview rearsight for sale. It is in "As New" condition and as far as I know never been used. It comes with both the green and yellow filter, the three short tubes that I presume fit on the front of the rearsight?, one is orange Looking for £420.00 for the bundle - SOLD I will be at the British 50m at Bisley / Welsh 50m at Tondu Please see pics for condition and all that is included
  8. Gemini Butt Plate & Foresights

    Another update...
  9. Gemini Butt Plate & Foresights

    update and price drop.....
  10. Gemini Butt Plate & Foresights

    Done See you on Sunday bright and early!! Cheers
  11. Gemini Butt Plate & Foresights

    Hi All, Price drop... a few more bits for sale as they get found 1 x Gemini Butt Plate with carrier - Silver and grey £240.00 £230.00 SOLD 1 x Centra Score tunnel M22 (Anschutz) Red £40.00 (with tool and allen key, no level bars) - SOLD 1 x Centra Score tunnel M18 (Anschutz) Blue £35.00 £30.00 (with internal level bars) - SOLD all sold now. Drop me a line if interested. Cheers Dave
  12. Bits N Bobs For Sale

    Butt plates Sold High ends sold
  13. Bits N Bobs For Sale

    Cheers.. PM's sent
  14. Bits N Bobs For Sale

    A slight "bump".. And I will Be at the Torfaen Open this Sunday (long Ashton) and also at Bisley on the 8th / 9th for the BFRC. I will have the remaining items there: " x Mec Butt plate 2 x Centra M18 score fore sight globes. Cheers
  15. Bits N Bobs For Sale

    The MEC "free" butt plates are still available for Sale, as are the 2 Walther M18 Fore sight globes. Dave