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  1. Remember Me

    I tried deleting the cookies before, as well as changing my IP and everything else. Sometimes it works, sometimes I'm logged out. I'm experimenting at the moment with different things.
  2. T'internet Connection

    We have an 8 mb line at home between the four of us. My flatmates don't use it too much, but I love it. For work of course. My ISP must hate me...
  3. Left Handed .22

    Edinburgh University is looking to buy a left-handed .22 rifle for about £500. Anyone got a spare around? Thanks
  4. Left Handed .22

    The 1 lightweight rifle has a crack in the stock which is currently repaired by duck tape, and has been for a few years, so we thought it was time to get a new one. I'm NOT Laura!! :angry: *stands up* Hi. My name is Rob, and I am an equipment officer! Oh and I sometime have the occasional drink.