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  1. Morini Grips Wanted

    Wow! What a present! Wish I had a brother like you!
  2. Pistol Grip For Kk200

    I desperately wanted to do woodwork at school but I was a girl and wasn't allowed ! I had to do sewing instead - and I hated every minute of it :angry: :angry: :angry: Rose Me too. I wanted to woodwork and metalwork, but had to cooking and needlework!
  3. Remember Me

    I've been having trouble logging in at work, but not at home. It kept telling me that the password didn't match with the one stored in windows. I did eventually notice that when I clicked on the password box, the password already there wasn't being deleted, so I was adding my password to it, and not being a typist I have to look at the keys as I type.
  4. New Skins

    I like it as it is; blue.
  5. Pistol Grip

    Wanted;- a small size grip to fit a Hammerli AP40 air pistol. Would swop for a medium size one! If you have one that might fit, please PM me or reply here. I'm happy to pay postage and packing. Thanks, in anticipation.........................
  6. T'internet Connection

    Is the Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy a carnivore or herbivore?
  7. Weird - Got Me Confused

    Curious on a target shooting forum!!!
  8. Comb Spacers

    Thanks Rose.
  9. Comb Spacers

    Would anybody like to enlighten me, please. I tried asking somebody who knows more about rifles than me, and they didn't know!
  10. Comb Spacers

    What's a comb spacer? I've heard of one!
  11. Not A Bug But Please Read

    Seconded! If nobody tells how to do things, we'll never be able to learn! And yes, I've tried reading the instructions. And looking on the net. I just can't translate the jargon into something I understand!
  12. Admin Away

    Good luck to you, Neil and the rest of the team. We'll be thinking of you, as we wipe the condensation from our sights!
  13. Parts For Walther Bolt

    Emma, I'm glad your friend appreciated all the advice extended to him by this body of experienced sportsmen. However, he still hasn't answered the burning question; what was he doing up a ladder with his bolt in an unsafe condition!
  14. Parts For Walther Bolt

    Well, you guys, you have been truly generous with your advice for Emma's friend. I'm sure he's not the only one who will benefit. However, there are a few aspects you have failed to cover. Outdoor shooting, for a start. I have done very little shooting outdoors, as I discovered that while it can be a joy in summer, it is far too cold in winter. Windy conditions are best avoided; wind is very unpredictable and, consequently, are your scores as a result. I would urge more shooters not to hurry their preparations at the firing point, and once settled down, to use all their alloted time. Rushing the details will only produce unsatisfactory results. It is bad manners to leave the firing point in the middle of a detail, as is taking a mobile phone down with you. I have heard of someone answering a mobile in the middle of a detail, why he wasn't diqualified I'll never know! I know some people like to go night shooting. Usually in the back of Land Rover, in order to collect a meal. I hear all the jolting in rough fields has caused more than one bad back!
  15. Top 10 Posters

    I've sent Neil a PM asking why these names are missing from the Top 10. In the mean time, who else is missing? There are 35 pages in the Top 10, with 10 to a page, yet there are apparantly 417 members. Which, if my maths serves me right, means there are 67 members not included. Do these people exist, are they figments of Neil's imagination?