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  1. Chalk Targets

    As anyone found an alternative to the tarian marks? We have a clay disc shoot on the the 10th of November and have realised we may not have enough discs. The only commerial availble alternatives I've found are "Daisy Shatterblasts" from the US. however the website doesn't state the size so I dont know how suitable the'll be. Strong Mints were one alterative but are a bit small and plaster discs won't shatter. Any help appreciated. Gadget how did you solve your problem? Did you manage to make a suitable alternative? Cheers Phil W.
  2. Wanted - Gun Cabinets

    My father has recently been granted his FAC and is after a suitable cabinet. He is after 5 Gun cabinet prefably with intregral Ammo safe but not esential. rough guide price is circa £100 to £150 but will go higher if needed. On a similar matter a friend of mine also requires a British Standard cabinet. Should hold at least 4 guns , (30" barrel). Internal box prefably but not essential. Open to all offers.