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  1. magnified .22 scoring gauge

    They are not recommended for use. Better with a plain metal one and a magnifying glass as you can then see the edge in the correct and proscribed manner.
  2. Loot pictures

    I use this one for forums with picture size limit and at work for building online teaching materials. easy to use online... Picture resizer
  3. Anschutz Stock Bedding Screws.

    M6 0.75 pitch (fine pitch)... Ebay or other fastener suppliers and cut to length. I suggest you buy socket head (allen bolts). You will find Anschutz supplied bolts are £25 quid or so (each...)
  4. Webley Osprey

    This is a useful online picture resizer... no need to install anything on your PC Web Resizer
  5. Anschutz 5071 Match Trigger

    Robert, Thanks for the heads up. I'll try there S
  6. Anschutz 5071 Match Trigger

    Does anyone have a spare 5071 trigger lying around? Or parts of one... I need the following bit for a friends rifle - No 15 on the diagram - part no 5071-U9/1 Auslöseklinke (Release Catch) Thanks Simon
  7. Foresight And Rearsight - Sorted!

    Charles, She's like a kid with a new toy - very excited and already has set a PB with it! Simon
  8. Anschutz Sight Sold!

    Deletion can only be done by a moderator, but you can edit the thread title to something like Anschutz sight - SOLD! To do this go to your original post and click on edit at the bottom right of the post. When the editor opens click on use Full Editor. Once that opens you can edit the thread tile to reflect that the item has been sold.
  9. Foresight And Rearsight - Sorted!

    Robert thanks, foresights are not a problem now we found one loafing in the club bits and pieces box - its a rearsight we are really after now...
  10. Foresight And Rearsight - Sorted!

    On behalf of club member - Required: Foresight tunnel, either 18mm or 22mm, to fit old style Anschutz foresight mounting block. and Rearsight... to fit Anschutz dovetail - any make considered. Please pm me via the forum. Thanks Simon
  11. Anschutz 1813L Barrel & Action With Tube

    It would be better if the OP, once an item has been sold, edits the topic title as sold....
  12. Parts For Anschutz Match 54 Bolt

    Make sure you have not put the safety catch (the bit furthest to the left) on incorrectly... its a fiddle to fit normally and it is possible to get it to look as its correct but its not and it will lock up....
  13. Wanted Scope Stand Rods

    Why not just use a camera tripod? I would think it would be much more stable at the hight you are talking about!
  14. Nothing... it would of be no use to anyone unless you know exactly the previous owners prescription....
  15. ******SORTED!******** Does anyone have a right handed Match 64 stock lying around? The rifle we have has a left handed stock on it but is a right handed action and we would like to use it for right handers.... Thanks Simon Thanks for looking - have been offered a stock!