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  1. System Gemini Ultra Stock

    Hi Donald. I have a Gemini ultra knocking around that I dont want anymore. your also quite welcome to have it without the buttplate if that is what you want. If you want the rods as well no problem as I have spares. PM me and we can discuss terms. Regards Dave C
  2. Wanted- Alloy Stock

    I may have a gemini stock I don't want anymore. PM me if you are interested. Dave
  3. Wanted Butt Plate And Carrier

    Yes that's the one. My oldest lad Chris has bought it. Quite fancied it myself! Hi Ken If it is a red Keppeler it was my wife's. She told me the other night she had put it on ebay to clear out some of our excess gear. If it is hers I will machine you a carrier and rods for it free of charge to fit any buttplate you want as long as I know the bolt hole dimensions for the buttplate. Regards Dave Clark
  4. Wanted - Action Screws For Anschutz Match 54

    Hi Jim I have sent you a p m Dave
  5. Wanted - Action Screws For Anschutz Match 54

    The Thread size you are looking for is 6mm x 0.75 pitch I doubt you will be able to get these off the shelf as they are not a common size in this country. however a gun dealer may have some lying about. The ones shown on Edinkille's website are not the right thread for bedding bolts. If you accurately measure what you want from the bottom of the cap head to the end of the thread I may be able to make you some up. Regards Dave Clark
  6. Wanted!! 1813 Cheek Piece (woodwork)

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.
  7. Wanted!! 1813 Cheek Piece (woodwork)

    You just had to bring that up didn't you.
  8. Wanted!! 1813 Cheek Piece (woodwork)

    With your woodworking skills I am surprised you cannot make one. Or is your pet beaver worn out Sorry Michelle couldn't resist after your pistol grip post. Dave
  9. Batched Ammo

    Hi Griff Sorry mate thats not much of a deal. Bts have it for sale at £770 per 5000 thats £154 per 1000 and the chances of your unwanted ammo working in someone elses barrel is pretty slim. Dave
  10. .22lr Anschutz Rifle

    I believe John Churchley also does a range of good secondhand rifles.
  11. For Sale Scatt Training System

    Probably just bad timing Terry, its a pretty expensive time of the year for all of us.
  12. Scatt Shooting System/mec Buttplate

    Hi Shrew123 I have a MEC free rifle buttplate I don't want, bought it, tried it once, didn't like it, make me a sensible offer and it is yours. Dave C
  13. Pistol Grip For Kk200

    Disgusting! Go wash your mouth out with soap and water
  14. Pistol Grip For Kk200

    Hi Michelle Having seen and felt your pistol grip I think woodwork is a very loose term I think that perhaps you have a tame pet Beaver at home and you let him/her have a nibble at it until he/she thought it was right, I am sure you can still see the teath marks on it It works for you and thats all that matters who cares what it looks like
  15. Pistol Grip For Kk200

    You could have saved about 90% of the time with some plastic wood (morini grip paste or equivalent) and a dremmel. I'm on my 4th set of grips now and after having 3 of them professionally made in Switzerland last month I know more or less what to do. I also brought a grip back (but sadly not the gun it lives on ) so I can use that as a template. Now all I need to do is find an easier way than sandpaper for removing the grip paste off my hands and arms Rob. Hi Rob Try putting barrier cream on your hands before you start, any paste or muck will just wash off with soap and water