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  1. Some Bits To Clear

    No idea on postage but you were beaten to the boots. Sorry for delay in update but virgin interrupted my bb service. Ta If you want clamps still let me know
  2. Some Bits To Clear

    Assorted stuff Kurt Thune Boots size 9.5 very good quality hardly used. £35.00 SOLD Boot Clamps / Stiffeners. £10.00 Ahg 3p Tripod (i have only ever used this in standing airweapon so it has become accustomed to this the photos show it fully extended and broken down as far as it will go, it is still highly serviceable though and comes with its own bag) £15 SOLD Anschutz front site and perspex element. £5 SOLD Neoprene gehman visor Hammerli headband Ahg long peeked cap Postage not included unless you collect from york. Ran out of space for photos will email on pm
  3. Fwb 300 Running Boar

    Thanks, a colleague warned me to beware of that forum but i will advertise and brace myself, if i cannot sell here.
  4. Fwb 300 Running Boar

    This may not be the best forum, however, if you know of anyone interested pass this on. It is a truly magnificent creation and frankly, if Fwb were to make it today it would be cost about the same as a new volvo. You all know the 300 so there is no point rehearsing this, my photos do not do it justice, the stock is simply stunning. I was thinking £550.00 The only other one i have ever, ever seen is on gunstar for £800.00. The scope on mine has been stolen from my rabbit gun so the fwb will come naked, no doubt you will want a wide angle anyway. Pickup pref to me but dealer delivery at your cost if you prefer. I can only upload one phot but could email more if you pm me. All the best graham.
  5. Scatt Or Rika

    I would agree on shipping etc but for two things Our internal postage is often just as bad Eu traders are in my view better traders with a genuine desire to provide customer service not to just rip off the client while pretending to be his mate. I don't give a frick about margins I'm a consumer, I work hard for my beer tokens and spend them on bargains if I can find them.
  6. Scatt Or Rika

    " doubt very much that you will, 999 euros is approx £750. On some of the German shooting forums the going rate for secondhand scat usb systems is 850 euro's approx £680. There are no scatt systems currently listed on egun.de" Doubt is a healthy thing, it stops us from being too.........American about things.
  7. Scatt Or Rika

    //www.euroshooting.eu/en/index.php?id=strelecke_trenazery They are listed here at 917 euro, which according to my German cousin is a shade over 730,00 uk pounds ! Sorry if I have this wrong that's the way it looks to me. Maybe you can enlighten me if I'm wrong I do love that. ;-)
  8. Scatt Or Rika

    Sounds ok to me, is it USB or serial connector
  9. Scatt Or Rika

    A browse through de and ital sites showed a uk euro rate of under 750. I imagine this will keep dropping at present rates. Have you seen egun.de recently even new weapons are substantially below uk list price! The sites are all accessible via link page on European target shooting fed site. I will post link if I have to find it again, most of the site have English translation. Uk retail sites for shooters are v.poor on value. Anyway back to the point any one have one of these used?
  10. Scatt Or Rika

    Good condition and fully working, scatt are now sub 750 in europe, thanks to the meltdown so I am looking at sensible prices below this? Any one got one kicking about?
  11. Rifle Club, Items For Sale

    I'll take the gamo.
  12. Final Sell Off

    Ill take the roll, just pm me the postage costs and how you want payment ta
  13. Rifle Case

    come on Jamie!
  14. Fwb Model 80

    Looking for a fwb model 80, I have inherited my old dads model 80 and it has spent the last 10 years sitting in a garage in a damp case. Consequently it is in a real state and I would like a "donor model" so I could possibly make one good one from the 2. If anyone has a battered old model to gt rid of then let me know. RH model would be advantageous as the grip is in an advanced state of rot! just let me know what you want for it. ta
  15. 10Meter Alu Stocked Rifle Wanted

    sorted now many thanks all