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  1. Left Handed Ge600 Stock

    There was a member on here who I am 99% sure was a lefty and had one the name Nick rings a bell tho not for the 1st time I may be wrong
  2. Fullbore Target Rifle - Wanted

    Probably a bit naughty but I am selling this one on behalf off a customer http://www.gunstar.co.uk/Rifle/Accuracy-International-gun-for-sale-gs21099.aspx pm if you want more info David
  3. Feinwerkbau 2700

    Got a nice shiny new one looking for a home
  4. Urgently Wanted

    Mike If you have no joy I have a non anschutz replacement part I made. Dave ps congrats mate
  5. Freelands Stand And Scope

    Hi I brought this persons rifle and can say that the scope and stand are in excellent condition, if your in the market for a new stand and scope treat yourself. David
  6. Elements Wanted

    Neil Sent you a PM Regards David
  7. Wanted: Steyr Lp5

    I'll second David's opinion, got one myself a few months back, only one problem though...... Keeping everyone else at the from having a go!! Hope you find one Regards Dsvid
  8. Bleiker

    Got an Anschutz stock to suit a Bleiker, sent you a PM Cheers David
  9. Anschutz Sights

    Hi sent you a PM Regards David
  10. Fwb 2700 Pistol Grip Small

    I have a small pistol grip for a FWB2700 rifle for sale @35.00 + p&p, good opportunity if you need a smaller grip Cheers David
  11. Neeson Foresight

    Foresight Now Sold
  12. Neeson Foresight

    Hi I am selling a neeson 22mm foresight tunnel c/w spirit level to fit Fienwerkbau £40.00 David
  13. Rifles And Bits For Sale

    All sold now thanks David
  14. Rifles And Bits For Sale

    Any pictures and what size are the boots? Hi the boots are size 9, let me know what you want pics of and I will sort them out Cheers David
  15. Rifles And Bits For Sale

    Having a sort out and have the following for sale MEC handstop hardly used £50.00 ono Blieker Truttman wire sling £65.00 ono Walther LG200 Air Rifle complete with Case, Instructions and tools £350.00 ono under offer BSA Hornet 0.22 air rifle c/w scope SOLD Anschutz shooting boots bit old suit beginner SOLD Can E mail pics if wanted, PM if you want more info. David