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  1. Gold Gemini Butt Plate For Sale

    It has been sold.
  2. As the title says I have a gold gemini butt plate for sale. Get in touch if you are interested.
  3. Good Left Handed Rifle

    thanks but i think they ahve found one now.
  4. Good Left Handed Rifle

    i am looking for a good condition left ahnde rifle. there was a 1913 for sale at bisley, don't suppose if anyone knows if that was sold or who was selling it
  5. Air Rifles Wanted

    thank you but have got what i was looking for now.
  6. Air Rifles Wanted

    hi i am looking for second air rifles up to p70s. anyone know of any or selling themselves please get in touch. thanks coxy
  7. Clear Out, Stuff Rifles, Jackets Etc

    could you send me a pic of the p70 as well please if it is still on offer, and a price. coxy_gj@yahoo.co.uk
  8. Gun Cabinet

    gun cabinet still for sale and very negotiable of price, perfect for secure storage such as kit bags or for guns.
  9. Gun Cabinet

    We have purchased new cabinets and our old cabinet is for sale. It is a reasonably large cabinet which can hold approximately 32 rifles with a shelf at the top. Alternatively it can be used as a very large strong cupboard with shelve mountings already in place. It is perfect for any club needing more sensible storage. The external dimensions are 93 x 54 x 181 cm and internal 80 x 47 x 180 cm. It has two locks with internal hinging system of some type, more photos and details can follow. Hopefully we will be able to post it. We are looking for £200 although this is negotiable. Contact me for any other details. Gordon
  10. Boots

    hi i am looking for a second hand pair of shooting boots, size approx ten. if anyone has some to sell or knows of somebody who does please get in touch. gordon
  11. Reasonably Priced Cabinet W/top Safe For Ammo

    thats the thing, cant remember who said it, but it needs to be cheap. wooden cabinets etc all very fancy but very expensive for the average club. all i wanted was something that could sensibly holds a reasonable number of rifles for our club and after an exhaustive search i found the cheapest option was 4! i have seen clubs with a rack in the door which seems logical but no one does it at a reasonable price any more. my cousin is a smithy and i sent plans to him to make one for me and without man hours he said he could make one but the steel would cost almost as much as getting someone professional to do it. i felt guilty asking him to spend all this time when there was no real saving. realistiaclly what you need is a 12 rifle cabinet for not much more than £200 with rifles stacked side by side (not in depth or around the side) or on the door. if you did a 20 cabinet even better. i emailed an american company about one but they werent willing to post it. anyway, sorry, it is a touchy subject.
  12. Reasonably Priced Cabinet W/top Safe For Ammo

    I have to say that when gun cabinet makers quote the number of guns that a cabinet can hold I immediately think that they mean shotguns (no bolt) or slim sporting/LSR rifles as there is no way .22 target rifles can be accommodated to the number specified. Nobody seems to have made this point but I certainly believe it. I have a three gun cabinet which I just about managed to get my father's air rifle in with my target rifle once when required. i entirely agree, brattonsound say a 8/9 rifle cabinet. how can it be both? surely if it could sensibly fit 9 they would say just 9. the other thing is the dimensions are no different from the size below!?
  13. Reasonably Priced Cabinet W/top Safe For Ammo

    We stock Brattonsound cabinets. There backup is excellent. We supplied a cabinet to a shooter in South Wales. After about 3 months he had a key break in a lock on the new cabinet. The shooter could not get to his guns. Brattonsound, at their expense, sent a lock smith all the way there to fix it. I hear you say that it shouldn't break anyway, but Brattonsound don't make the locks. JC sorry, was more the design, they bought a nine gun and it is a bit of a tight fit with the extra rifles going round the side, something got damaged. i am sure the build quality is perfect and service impecable, if you are getting a smaller one then you wont have to worry about the nines.
  14. Reasonably Priced Cabinet W/top Safe For Ammo

    i have had a long drawn out search for gun cabinets and have found three main manafacturers, C & G http://www.gandc.co.uk/html/gun.htm (which i have just ordered four of, they have agreed to make some alterations in manafacturing for little extra cost and are really helpful and friendly (also martin recommended so dont blame me!)) brattonsonsound http://www.safesecurityservices.co.uk/index.php?cPath=7 (edin uni just bought and have done nothing but moan since) JFC http://www.winterfieldsafes.co.uk/prodpage.asp?prodid=89 or http://www.celticlocksmiths.co.uk/rifle-shotgun-safe.htm (not heard of anyone owning) hope this helps
  15. Wanted - Gun Cabinets

    once again, thank you. i will sit down with the others and have a think. two ten gun cabinets could be perfect. as for the size we have issues with our cupboard which is 4 feet by 8. ideally fitting it on the back wall means less space lost. guns on the back of the door sounds sensible, watsoniains have a cabinet like that although they dont seem to make them anymore. the 6 gun cabinets off the shelf seem to have about 66mm so 75mm is a little much for gun spacing. i understand where you are coming from with the two cabinets. the thing with two tens is we could almost just buy 3 sevens which would involve so much less effort on your part. my other concern is that if it had two doors would it still conform to police rules. not being technical at all, but would it not need a more complicated locking system to insure the doors arent forced from the centre. i haev looked at courier prices and they are surprisingly cheap and accomidating.