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  1. Lots Of Club Rifles!

    Yes, that's what I thought - the SU has no idea of resale value so perhaps it would be nice to pass them on to other struggling uni clubs for a token fee
  2. Lots Of Club Rifles!

    Just pondering - where will the money go? Are you responsible to the Athletic Union to get a decent return? Cause if no-one is really scrutinising the sale, perhaps a donation of kit to other uni clubs, maybe on a long loan, would be a good idea? I seem to remember Stirling Uni being in a similar boat after the union removed endorsement - perhaps someone a little older and wiser than me can recount the story?
  3. Soviet Tractor Pistol

    Best sales thread in ages In Soviet Russia, tacks drive YOU!
  4. Looks like an 1811 to me? Edit: And a good deal!!
  5. ** Brand New Htc Touch Diamond Phone **

    Oh! I see! You're telling us we're offering too much. how about 45p and half a packet of space raiders?
  6. Upgrading The Forum

    Yeah, Whatever.
  7. Upgrading The Forum

    Getting there ... Oooh! Pretty new dress...
  8. Reasonably Priced Cabinet W/top Safe For Ammo

    No change there then
  9. Admin Away

    No, BEST snow in 50 years! Bendigo, eh? Used to go out with a girl from there. She ate nothing but chips. Didn't last long (much that I like chips).
  10. Gemini Ultra For Sale

    That was there long before Tim heard there was a Gemini for sale.... Hey! That's not true . I haven't yet figured out how to get to that sort of site :angry: Ewwwww. I didn't mean that kind of drool!
  11. Gemini Ultra For Sale

    That was there long before Tim heard there was a Gemini for sale....
  12. Anschutz 1413 & 1813

    He did say "please contact by email". Perhaps he hasn't read the forum?
  13. Left Handed Rifle

    This is possible with a bolt handle adapter so that the bolt can be operated left handed but where you get them from I don't know I believe they're most commonly found in the back of old range armoury cupboards. That solution is still not ideal as the loading port is cut on the wrong side for a left hander. I think the stock needs to get chopped a bit, and even then the crossunder bit can get caught on some other piece of kit like your sling depending on your position. Best to find a proper Lefty I reckon.
  14. Gun Cabinet For Sale

    You said it, not me! Cabinet now sold. Cheers, Neil
  15. Gun Cabinet For Sale

    Nah, I sold it ages ago! Bought the cabinet to store it down here but figured it was easier to just use a club gun coz I'm not getting to shoot much (in fact not at all at the mo )