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  1. For Sale: Bleiker Action With Tested Tenex

    Not shooting a 500 decimal score then?
  2. 5.6 Or 5.7Mm Highend For 22Mm Foresight

    Yes, I have a 5.7 x 1.4mm M22 Hi-End. Since finding a glass iris last year it's surplus to requirements. £8 including postage.
  3. 5.6 Or 5.7Mm Highend For 22Mm Foresight

    Tim, I may have one, but I'll have to check. It will be a 1.4mm ring.
  4. Color Coding Gehmann Rearsight?!

    Do you mean this? http://forum.stirton.com/index.php/topic/6854-gehmann-compact-sight/
  5. Gemini Butt Offset Spacer

    Hi, does anyone have a spare or unwanted offset spacer for a Gemini buttplate? This is the plate that sifts the butt further sideways.
  6. Aj Parker M80 Sight

    Doesn't Swing stand for Swenson and Ingram? George Swenson did work for Wilkes, and I'd heard based the Swing rearsight liberally on the Wilkes.
  7. Bits And Bobs For Sale

    Jamie, Please check your PMs. I need your addess to send a cheque. Tim
  8. 4Mm Anschutz Front Sight Riser Block

    I have to say, normally a new (19xx) foresight is much taller than an old (14-18xx) foresight, so will sit much higher on an barrel, so you need a raiser under the rearsight.
  9. 4Mm Anschutz Front Sight Riser Block

    I think that's the eBay chap. He done.... Romanes Eunt Domus anyone?
  10. 4Mm Anschutz Front Sight Riser Block

    I'm not sure that Anschutz, Centre, or the other usual names make a 4mm block for a Match 54 barrel. You might be able to fit a 1913 4mm block with a little filing though. There is the chap on eBay that makes and sells custom blocks. Perhaps he would do a 4mm?
  11. Barry Nesom Turn-Over Foresight

    Jonty, the level is attached to a small collar; the lug that the inner tunnel locates on, is part of the level. This is how the elevation adjustment is not affected by cant, unlike John Kelly's original. Mine is usually a little high at 100, but the tunnel was made for a 45in sight radius, and for years I had a 39in.
  12. Barry Nesom Turn-Over Foresight

    It should do if the foresight block is screwed onto the barrel. I think the very old M54 barrels, where the foresight block was machined into the muzzle. are the same, but I can't remember off-hand. Anschutz changed the width and depth of the dovetail in the 1980s, so foresights can't be swapped between 19xx rifles and 18xx, 16xx, and 14xx rifles.
  13. Foresight Ramp / Wedge

    Oh that one. That was a proprietary design made by Barnett for their short lived smallbore rifle. I don't know if it was sold commercially as an accessory, and doubt it's been made since the 1940s. Anyway it took a special foresight (likely needing the small 9/16in Parker-Hale elements) with an angled base; your Anschutz 1413 won't fit without a custom made adaptor. Gehmann do make a sliding raiser block set, but I think these may be only for 1913 barrels/foresights with the shallow dovetail, rather than the deeper dovetail of the 1413. If you want quick distance changes, a stepped foresight base or flip-over foresight tunnel would be much easier to find.
  14. Foresight Ramp / Wedge

    Do you mean a two-step base? I bought mine from the NSRA shop a few years ago, cost was about a tenner.
  15. Bits And Bobs For Sale

    PM Sent
  16. Centra Spy And Kit For Sale.

    Size? If it's Medium, and available, I'll take it.
  17. Centra Spy And Kit For Sale.

    What type (i.e. solid or topgrip) and size is the glove?
  18. Vostok .22 Target Rifles Wanted

    I think there is a Ural rifle (cheaper action) for sale on Guntrader at the mo.
  19. Is the jacket a Euro 46 or a UK 46in? If you would like it to be collected, where are you?
  20. Top Grip

    Does anyone have a piece of unwanted top-grip rubber? The elbow patch on my jacket is now nearly smooth on the right sleeve, and I don't think there's enough time to send it off for repair before Bisley. I'm looking for a patch about 2in square to stick on pro tem, until I can send it to Phillipa taylor.
  21. Iris Sight For An Anschutz 1413

    It depends on how new and fancy you want. A few older iris eyepieces (with combined colour filters) were advertised for £15 each, and newer fancier ones for up to £100 (about 2/3rd of new). If you are just looking for an variable aperture, with no filters, polarisers, or optics, the new prices start at about £40. You should not need to specify it's for a 1413 as all Anschutz rearsights have the same thread, as do most other German sights.
  22. Bleeker Wooden Stock

    Jonty, You can fit an Anschutz 54 into a Bleiker inlet stock with a round-to-square adaptor. The adaptor may need a little filing, and the inlet in the stock will need to be widened for an Anschutz 1800-1900 trigger.
  23. Bleeker Wooden Stock

    Jonty, Google Sergei Kamenski. He's not doing too badly with a Bleiker woodstock, as is Vitali Bubnovitch. Ole Kristian Bryhn won a medal or too before switching to a Bleiker alu. Vebjorn Berg shot a few cracking finals with one too.
  24. Bleeker Wooden Stock

    In German, I'm reliably informed that the first vowel in a dipthong is silent. Blieker would be said as Bleeker.
  25. Gemini Butt Plate

    Not to forget Marco de Nicolo, Jamie Beyerle, and I think Alexander Schmirl. The MEC does appear more often though.