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  1. Tec-Hro Grub Screw

  2. Tec-Hro Grub Screw

    Huey, The grubscrews lock the dovetail onto the studs.
  3. Anschutz Match 54 Stock Needed

    Kantes, That's an 1813, from the early 1980s.
  4. Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    What, like tutting and coughing?
  5. Anschutz Supematch Sold

    This is on behalf of one of my club members, who is retiring from Prone shooting. Anschutz 1613 (1979 manufacture) / 1813 stock. The barrel was rechambered by Robert Nibbs in 2012 (re-proofed at Birmingham) and has had very light use since. Sights are the standard Anschutz 6702 (steel) rear, and froresight tunnel. The rearsight has a Gehmann dioptre/iris. £350 The rifle is located on the Devon/Somerset border. No photos at present, but I'll speak to the seller about getting some.
  6. Anschutz Supematch Sold

    Hi, Sorry, yes it sold. Tim
  7. Hi, if still available can I have the: Anschutz pull through/wicks blue sling HPS folding bipod. What colour is the bipod? Tim
  8. Chicago Screws

    Afternoon all, I'm looking for four Chicago screws, the size/type used in ESE slings for a project. I know I can get thede on eBay, but I don't need a giant bag, just four.
  9. Kurt Thune Prone 600

    Bump £250
  10. Diana Supermatch Stock / Feinwerkbau 2000 Stock

    There was one on eBay last month, but sold as Anschutz. It may return when the buyer finds it won't fit.
  11. Anschutz 8002 Air Rifle

    Can the broken pieces not be glued together, and the grip reinforced with a dowel or threaded rod?
  12. Anchutz 1407 Rifle Stock For Match 54 For Sale.

    Do they? I see a 1610S-50?1 stock, part no 78 on the 1980 1807-1813 handbook.
  13. Anchutz 1407 Rifle Stock For Match 54 For Sale.

    Nope, there is no trigger access hole, and no relief for the bolt-mounted safety. It's a 1610, or an early 1810, made before the cooling vents were cut into the fore-end.
  14. Anchutz 1407 Rifle Stock For Match 54 For Sale.

    I would agree with Michelle. That is not a 1407. A 1407 stock was made to comply with UIT Standard Rifle rules which prohibited adjustable cheekpieces, thumbhole grips, and butt adjustment during a match. What you have is a 1610/1609 or early 1810/1809stock. It was a no-frills version of the 1613/1813 Supermatch that offered the same degree of butt adjustment, but was made of beechwood not walnut, and was sold without a palmrest. The very deep fore-end compensated for the latter. There was a 1410 stock made in the 1970s, but those had a hole in the stock by the bolt slot to access the trigger adjustments, so it must be for a 16 or 18 series rifle. When sold with a heavy barrel it was a xx10, and became a xx09 with the lighter xx07 barrel. It's worth more than a 1407.
  15. Anschutz Supematch Sold

    I'll ask the seller.
  16. Anschutz Supematch Sold

    I'd say it's fairly good. There is no rust on the bluing, and the stock finish has no major dings. I think there is a chip/scuff on the bottom of the grip. The handstop (Anschutz 4752) has a broken QD lever and lost the anodising, but functions.
  17. Anschutz 2013 X2 For Sale

    Russell, at 14lb Mk II will probably be a little heavier than a 2313 Anschutz. The Anschutz isn't a lighweight, and the 2013 action is a little heavier than a Match 54 (in 1813s 1913s), but the BSA is heavy. The Anschutz may feel lighter, as the weight is better distributed; most will balance slightly ahead of the receiver, whereas a Mk II balances much further ahead, as most of the weight is in that massive barrel.
  18. Match 64 Stock.

    Ah, a 1903, it's probably 1990s vintage.
  19. Rifle Valuation

    James, Blimey you must be good! You'd have to be going some to knacker a barrel in fours years shooting Prone/3-P; Anschutz reckon their barrels are good for 100,000 rounds, with some lasting longer, and some a little less. Unless a four year old barrel has been owned by a very serious shooter, or bulged, or cleaned with a rusty coat hanger and battery acid, I'd expect it to have a good amount of life left, at least by my standards. I know of early-production 1813s that are still producing competitive scores at county level, although others of the same vintage have given up the ghost, to be replaced by a Border/Maddco/Lilja etc. Huey, that's quite right, although as the 1813 was produced for a fairly short space of time, you have a good enough idea. Now with a 1913 the exact age is more important, the barrel could be 1987 or 2017. This is assuming the seller knows what they have. That's not an issue here, but some owners think everything is a 1913.
  20. Rifle Valuation

    That seems high, unless the barrel is in very good condition, as the Ultra latterly went for £900 new. My '79 vintage 1613 looked immaculate when I retired in in 2010, but it wouldn't consistently hold the 10-ring at 100 yards.
  21. Rifle Valuation

    Well, in for a penny. I'd say an 1813 barrel would be worth less than a 2013 in similar condition. Firstly any 2013 will be younger than any 1813; the 2013 was introduced in about 1991, whereas the 1813 was replaced in 1987, and production started in 1980. In this case the seller may well be the original owner, and knows the full history, but when a rifle is sold 3rd or 4th hand and there is no provenance, it's not unreasonable to assume an older barrel has a higher "mileage". Even if the rifle is shooting well now, higher mileage means it may loose accuracy sooner. Secondly the 2013 has always been more expensive than Match 54 rifles, which should carry over the second hand prices. The rifle in the photos does look very clean and tidy.
  22. Rifle Valuation

    You may want to see here, http://forum.stirton.com/index.php/topic/257-please-read/ , but soliciting valuations is not permitted. Aside from that I'd say the stock is actually a late model Ultra, before the current FR703 was launched in 2004. The original Geminis were square edged ahead of the triggerguard. It's late '90s or early 2000s.
  23. Starik Tuner / Barrel Extension For Sale

    Pete, What make/type/size barrel is the tube bored to fit? Also is it the long or short version?
  24. [Sold] Offset Sight Plates

    Anything that fits most Match 54s should be fine with an 1813. Anschutz have not changed the receiver dovetail, and used the same size dovetail on the barrel from about 1963 to 1987, when the 1913 came out with it's 11mm grooves. I think even the really old Match 54s, with the integral raised dovetail muzzle, have the same profile as later 1400, 1600, and 1800 barrels.