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  1. Comb Spacers

    Oh well there's always next year. I'm not sure what the arrangements are with Rose; i shall send a PM to confirm.
  2. Comb Spacers

    Thanks Robert, but I think I'm working from 4pm on Sunday. If it's an early start and back to Devon by then count me in! We'll certainly take you up on giving the stock a lift. Must bully the rest of the committee into saying yes!
  3. Comb Spacers

    £50 sounds good, I shall bully the committee Given our remoteness in Devon from the civilization of Bisley, would posting (with the price adjusted accordingly) be ok? cheers Tim
  4. Comb Spacers

    Rose any 1807 spacers, The 1907 jobs are too long and won't properly fit under the cheeekpiece. Would have to check the club funds, but a 1907 stock is better than an 1807. What sort of price were you looking for? cheers Tim
  5. Comb Spacers

    Thanks for the replies so far. We have a stop-gap method of folded shot cards, but these have a tendency to fall out when the comb is moved. The ammo box lids idea may be usefull for fine tuning! thanks again to all
  6. Wanted: Foresight Block

    Have you tried the NSRA shop? I bought mine there last year, cost about a fiver. Also they work by going to the lower step for 100yards! An alternative is one of the Kelly-type turn-over foresight tunnels. The current versions can be adjusted to compensate for any cant, which the blocks don't.
  7. Gun Cabinet For Sale

    Never mind. Still got my girly gun though
  8. Gun Cabinet For Sale

    Don't tell me you actually collected your rifle from up north
  9. Trigger Shoe And Handstop

    I've been using the AHG 4752 with the QD lever for three years now and have found it very comfortable. I don't have huge hands so the diameter is just about right. I beleive the depth can be sightly altered too. Lateral adjustment is useful; the rifle should be sitting over the palm, not on the thumb muscle. With a small centrally mounted handstop such as the 6225 your hand may be too far under the stock, adding to the pressure from already there from the shallow design. The 4752 it the right size and can be moved into the right place. They are also rather cheaper than the MEC or HPS. On the downside the finish is not very durable and mine became scuffed from the sling claw.
  10. Trigger Shoe And Handstop

    Innes, did you mean a handstop where the sling clips in well ahead of your hand? Or one where the sling pressure on the hand is reduced by having the sling clip in closer to your hand. After breaking my wrist (freak accident involving a calypso band and a ceilidgh) i found that I need the latter. The Anschutz hand stop with the quick-release lever has worked well for me. The handstop part is large enough to keep the swivel level with the back of my hand. This one can be offset left-right also, though not by as much as the Gemini I beleive.
  11. Trigger Shoe And Handstop

    Check ebay, there are quite often used handstops to be found; from memory a used 4751 Anschutz (the big black plastic one) went for about £25-30.
  12. Old .22 1813 Barrel And Action

    Hmm can certainly sympathise, I'm still at Uni myself (eight years and counting!). I'm lucky though Exeter has an on-campus range with a big armoury that my Match 54 sits nicely in. However I think Rob has a point. You will either need to buy a duplicate stock and sights, or have the hassle of constantly removing your action from the stock. Will you be at BUSA?
  13. Old .22 1813 Barrel And Action

    Wouldn't snap caps or spent cases be a lot cheaper! Also are current deactivated firearms allowed to have working mechanisms?
  14. Aberdeen University

    Blimey, i thought our armoury was a bit thin on parts. Can you not send the FWB sights back to be repaired. Your AU might be persuaded to cough up for things like that. What did you mean by handstop pins? Do mean the detent ball-bearings on the new type swivels (HPS and Bedford Target supplies will sell new swivels). If cost is an issue you might consider selling on one of the unused to cover new bits. Tim S Exeter Uni
  15. Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    Well emma's friend wanted some information on a part of his rifle that had best remain nameless, and look where that one went!
  16. Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    Thinking of steel, I've been told of a company who source the metal for their tools from pre-WWII shipwrecks. Their reason being that steel made after 1945 is tainted by nuclear fallout. Interesting, though I can't confirm the veracity.
  17. Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    This topic came up a while ago. X suffixed match 54s were produced in the '70s, and Anschutz do call them the 16 series (see thier trigger model chart). Some people have suggested that the X stood for Experimental, as Anschutz used a slot in the underside of the bolt to alter the air pressure during firing. The only 16 series I've taken apart did NOT have a slot in the bolt. because of this I tend to believe that the X (experimental) was for the redesigned bolt and trigger. They were still sold as the 14 series, but Anschutz unofficially called them the 16. I'm not sure what difference there is between a 16 and an 18. Didn't most 1813s and 1913s have the bigger triggerguard?
  18. 2013 Tube

    perhaps one of the fellows who attended the ISSF judges course could enlighten us?
  19. 2013 Tube

    Would those be legal? I have some vague memory that barrels aren't allowed to have extra holes in them under international rules. Could be completely wrong though.