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  1. Vickers Martini

    any ideas about prices for old vickers martini rifles? They shoot well but cosmeticaly are not brilliant. Hoping if someone wants them we can buy some better kit Mithrandir
  2. Wanted Free Or Cheap To A Good Home

    Are there any websites or web based info for this lottery grant deal? It sounds like it may be worth a go, after all the worst that can happen is that we will be in the same position as we are at the mo. Thanks for your posts Mithrandir
  3. Wanted Free Or Cheap To A Good Home

    Cheers for all your replies, thanks for the auction lead but the purchase method we have to use prevents this approach. we already have a couple of BSA internationals one a Mk I and one Mk II and they shoot just dandy and due to their simplicity and robustness are ideal for the cadets. we have a line at the mo on a Mk4 one lady owner in immaculate condition we are trying to drum up cash for but are also looking to maybe get a bolt or two if the price is right. to clear location up I'm in Fife so central scotland is anywhere i can get to in a few hours which i suppose is Aberdeen area to glasgow area. Again thanks for your help
  4. Wanted Free Or Cheap To A Good Home

    I work with the Air Cadets and we like to get them shooting but both equipment and cash is sadly lacking. If any of you out there have any info on cheap weapons or equipment for prone only .22Lr drop me a line. Central Scotland only please as my job tends to restrict travel. equally any good gunshops in this area or any good contacts would be appreciated. Lets get the kids shooting