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  1. New Posts

    The View New Posts link will let you see all the posts that have been posted since your last visit as opposed to viewing all unread posts - which would this then be called: View Unread Posts?
  2. 0.22" Scoring Gauge

    Just a word of warning, you could invalidate any official scores by using a non-standard gauge, even if his lathe is spot on.
  3. Trousers For 3p

    I'm looking for a pair of trousers for 3P rifle, waist 30", inside leg 31", would prefer to buy second hand as this is my first venture into 3P.
  4. Trousers For 3p

    Still looking for a pair of trousers, unfortunately Neil's would have been too big. Just to re-cap waist 30ins, inside leg 31ins
  5. Anschütz Model 2002 Compressed Air Alu

    Any idea why he's selling it?
  6. Torque Wrench

    Try ebay, i bought one from a chap in Canada, a brand new Gehmann wrench for about £35 including delivery, not sure if he's got any more, but worth a try.
  7. Rifle Clothes And Pistol For Sale

    Keith, are the boots still for sale?
  8. Andrew Tucker Jacket

    Andrew Tucker double canvas jacket for sale, size 42, right-handed, blue with white back in very good condition. These jackets cost £170 new, but this one is going for £100 ovno.
  9. Ejector For Bsa Martini Mk1

    A fellow shooter at my club has an old BSA Martini Mk1, unfortunately the ejector has snapped, due to its age. Does anyone know where he could get a replacement? The rifle is now useless as there is no way to get the empties out of the breach, at least not with the rifle in his shoulder. The old ejector has been welded back together again on several ocsasions so isn't really much use anymore.
  10. Ejector For Bsa Martini Mk1

    I haven't seen the chap for a while now, but I think its all been sorted. Being the summer month attendance is a little sporadic, i will post a pic on this thread if is hasn't been fixed.
  11. Centra Duo Glass Foresight-unwanted Prize

    Sorry been away for a couple of days. If memory serves, my rifle has the dovetail cut straight into the barrel so it shouldn't be a problem. I have heard that a raising block is needed, run out of elevation otherwise.
  12. Centra Duo Glass Foresight-unwanted Prize

    If it will fit a Anschutz Match54, its a deal.
  13. Wanted Stock For Vickers Armstrong

    I remember those floods, Ouze-booze and all. There is the Pheonix meeting coming up in May, there might be someone there who has a suitable stock. If all else fails, u could always buy a piece of wood and make your own, at least it would be to your specs.