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  1. Anschutz 54.30/1918 Smallbore Rifle

    This rifle is now sold. Thanks for looking guys.
  2. Anschutz 54.30/1918 Smallbore Rifle

    I have more pics of this rifle but the forum only allows 1MB of pics on each add. if you require more I can send them via email. commandomac@hotmail.co.uk
  3. Anschutz 54.30/1918 Smallbore Rifle

    This rifle is only a year old and has shot one season of cards at club level plus 3 competitions at other clubs. additions to the basic rifle are : Anschutz canting sights, : Centra score crystal foresight tunnel : ahg-Anschutz Bipod precise : Barry Nesom 12 inch Tube extension. Rifle has been well looked after and cleaned after every shoot. Please note: the handstop is not for sale. I will offer it at a minimum of £2800 but would expect and will accept a reasonable offer above that. Many thanks Davie.
  4. Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    Hi Richard, Thanks for the reply and good luck finding a rifle. Cheers Davie.
  5. Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    Yeah email at commandomac@hotmail.co.uk
  6. Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    I am looking to sell my Anschutz 54.30 if interested. Only a year old. Shot 20 cards plus 3 visited comps. Want to concentrate on air rifle now. Has anschutz canting sights with centra 22mm foresight. Anschutz folding bipod and new 12 inch extension tube made by Barry Nesom. Total spend £4200. Great rifle would need £2800 for the whole thing. Case included. Cheers Davie