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  1. Anschutz 'armadillo' Type Hook Wanted

    Hi, Check out ebay theres one for sale there, the auction ends in 5 days. Just search 4 anschutz on the front page.
  2. Rifle For Sale

    The rifle has been sold, Cheers Phil Jess
  3. Anschutz Match 64

    Sorry man, it has to be a match 64 action, we require a lightweight rifle for use particularly for new ladies. Cheers Phil
  4. Anschutz Match 64

    Hey everybody, My club, St. Andrews Uni, are looking for an anschutz match 64 rifle to purchase second hand. We are also looking for a junior anschutz rifle as well. If anybody knows of anyone selling any of these rifles or have seen them in a dealers shop please give us a shout. Cheers Phil
  5. I have a gehmann reciever end spirit level for sale which has been barely used for sale at £40 (£60 new) and a cantable foresight tunnel for 19 series and above rifles(can also be used on other rifles but need a rearsight raising block) going for £35 Phil
  6. Rifle For Sale

    Its no problem to bring it to a club night, just let me know when you would like to see it. The price is in the first post. all the best Phil
  7. Rifle For Sale

    Hi Reuben, I sent an e-mail with details to your private address, if it didn't get through let me know and ill send it again Cheers Phil
  8. Rifle For Sale

    I should have also mentioned that this rifle comes with the old 19 series butt hook as well as the sights and palm shelf. I also have a gehmann adjustable level for sale which has barely been used im selling that at £35 Cheers Phil
  9. Rifle For Sale

    I have an anschutz 1813 supermatch in great condition for sale. I am based in the central scotland area. Can also provide photographs. I am looking for offers around the £450 mark. Cheers Phil