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  1. Wanted

    Hi I am after a HW 98 FT, does anyone have one for sale near Staffordshire?? Dom
  2. Hi I am after a field target PCP air rifle close to staffordshire are there any available????
  3. 10m target pistol

    Hi. My mate is after one how much and where are you from. Dom
  4. 10m target pistol

    Hi Stuart I have personal messaged you earlier, don't know if it's worked as new to this. Do you have any photos of the gun please.
  5. Hi Stuart


    Do you have any pics of the gun. Looking forward to get an FWB 100 as bèen after one for a while now.



  6. 10m target pistol

    Hi Stuart That's fine for me mate. Will confirm closer to date. Dom
  7. 10m target pistol

    Hi Stuart That's very kind of you to offer that. Problem is that I am going to be away for a couple of weeks. I am off on 19th and 20th of Feb but they are week days. If you are available then I could meet you if you still have it. If not I will have to see when I am and you are available plus that's if you still have it. Thanks again Dom
  8. 10m target pistol

    What do you think of a BAIKAL MP-46M .177 as i have had mixed messages. Your thoughts please..
  9. 10m target pistol

    Cheers Stuart. It's a pity you aren't closer, but thanks for the advice. I will keep looking and i will find something soon i am sure. Dom
  10. 10m target pistol

    Hi Stuart. Thanks for that, but it's too far for me. Dom
  11. 10m target pistol

    The and I can't find one ? Someone told me that the 90 had electric trigger it keep well away. Don't know why. To be honest I would like the 100 as under lever but doesn't look like I will get omw. Other option is PCP but would like an old original first.
  12. 10m target pistol

    Hi I was recommended a FWB 80 or 100 but told to keep clear of the FWB 90. Told that FWB 100 are rare and have no chance of getting one. To be honest if it's not a PCP I would prefer an under lever or side lever.
  13. 10m target pistol

    Hi TenMetrePeter To be honest I am not sure. I just want a good reliable pistol. I have an FWB 300s rifle but want a pistol now as I am really getting into this sport and enjoying it.
  14. 10m target pistol

    Hi I am after purchasing a 10m target pistol. I live in staffordshire and am will will to travel 50 miles to collect are there any used in good condition out there do me to purchase?