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  1. Purchased in 1991 and have shot in one league most years apart from the last two so only a few thousand rounds have been fired. Sadly no longer have enough free time to enjoy the sport so looking to sell. Rifle alone for £700 or along with other kit happy to bundle for £1000 - collection from West Midlands area - Certificate holders only. Anschultz SuperMatch 1913 barrel/action rifle along with a 1907 ISU Standard walnut stock, stand and all original tools and fixtures plus adjustable size/filter rear-sight which I purchased additionally. Shooting Mat, Ear Defenders, two Gloves, Spare Sling, Bullet Case, Opticron 60mm scope and stand, Scope cover, Cleaning Kit and Rod, solid portable gun case, Size 44 canvas/leather shooting jacket, two section lockable metal 4-gun cabinet and holdall. Open to all reasonable offers Feel free to PM for additional photos or to view. IMG_0282a.jp2 IMG_0283a.jp2 IMG_0284a.jp2 IMG_0286a.jp2 IMG_0287a.jp2 IMG_0289a.jp2 IMG_0290a.jp2
  2. Happy to reduce to £600 for rifle and £900 for complete kit
  3. Seems that some cannot open the pictures so I have uploaded them to here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/photos/share/BDaYiIyNPU7RPkbf5kEqRYHcnZezDNuveFtzrXJ2Rbj