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  1. Fwb 2700 Free Rifle For Sale

    Thank you for the interest. This is now sold
  2. Fwb 2700 Free Rifle For Sale

    As stated in my previous post about my P70 I am giving up rifle due to medical issues. In addition to the P70 I am selling a FWB 2700 in limited edition silver and black (not sure how limited this really was ) The barrel is a 'selected barrel' and imported by Peter Berger. The rifle is being sold in great condition. There are minor scuffs from using a rifle outside and I can send pictures. I have probably only shot 6,000 rounds through it at the most! Included in the sale: FWB 2700 with a 24mm diameter barrel (also produced in 22mm). Selected barrel. Adjustable Centra iris with colour filtera and polariser. Sight raisers. Adjustable foregrip (for standing). Handstop. Sling. Case. Original box. £1650 I am in the Gloucester area, but can travel.
  3. Fwb 2700 Free Rifle For Sale

    Hi Chris, Thanks for the offer. I am at Glevum TSC. Happy to bring it up for people to look at. Alex
  4. Fwb 2700 Free Rifle For Sale

    Photos at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/H5AuvPs23Zc443Iz2
  5. Fwb P70 Alu For Sale

    I have been shooting match air rifle for 17 years. Unfortunately I was in a car accident earlier in the year and I can't see myself being able to shoot rifle for at least a year and prone may not be possible for even longer. So with a heavy heart I am selling both my FWB P70 ALU and FWB 2700. I'll list the 2700 in another post. The P70: Well maintained and much loved. Red aluminium stock and foresight. The following is included: Adjustable Centra iris Foresight spirit level (red) Adjustable sight raisers MEC trigger blade (this was one of my favourite purchases. It's the spiked one and really grippy and adjustable) Case Original box £650
  6. Fwb P70 Alu For Sale

  7. Fwb 2700 Free Rifle For Sale

    This is still for sale. Sensible offers considered.
  8. Fwb P70 Alu For Sale

    This is still for sale. Sensible offers considered.
  9. Fwb 2700 Free Rifle For Sale

    Thanks. I am planning to take up pistol, much lighter on the back! I did see a left handed rifle on Gunstar in the last few months. I think it was an earlier Anschutz with a more basic wooden stock.
  10. Fwb 2700 Free Rifle For Sale

    Mike, it is right handed. The stock is easy to convert (new pistol grip) but the bolt would still fall to the right. I know how hard left handed are to come across. Could luck!