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  1. 7.62 Sportco for sale

    Hi Robin, I know somebody who might be interested in it, would you know what the weight of it is.
  2. Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    Now Sold
  3. Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    I could be convinced to come down to £75. But if you are thinking getting another down the line Peter message me first.
  4. Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    No it is not a canting sight unfortunately.
  5. Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    Price Reduced to £85 for rear sight and £50 for foresight and elements.
  6. Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    I am selling the sights of my old rifle. Looking for £85 for the rear sight Pictures can be found here. To paid via PayPal https://www.flickr.com/photos/140751170@N03/