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  1. rear sight required

    Real Gamo sights with the name moulded on them like on the Supermatch were adequate but these latest ones that come with the Air Atms S200T and S400 10m are even cheaper copies. Yes Ive replaced mine with Centra Pro57 about the same price and same design as the Gehmann Compact. You still have the FWB front sight that's 4mm lower that could be a problem at 10m. Modern front sights won't fit.
  2. rear sight required

    I bought two of those chinese copy "Gamo type" 30 quid sights and both needed the clamp filing to bed them down and one iris plate wobbled so much I scrapped it. I think Air Arms et al get the pick of the batch for their rifles and the rest go on the spares market. They have 9.0mm thread not the standard 9.5 so you can't fit a better iris without retapping (see my youtube channel). FWB 300 standard sights are about 4mm lower and you may not have enough adjustment. Apart from that they'r ok
  3. 10m target pistol

    I presume you mean 6004 and 604? The 6004 is a cheaply made version of 604 when Chiappa took over. They halved the price and quality went the same way. The late 604 without trigger stop were already going that way. I wouldn't use any ssp at 20 metres but a well maintained 604 from the 1990's will cut clean at 10m. PS that means they need maintaining and in my experience that means new seals every couple of years.
  4. 10m target pistol

    They are all rare when you try to find one, cheap as chips when you want to get rid! The 90 has electric trigger otherwise its mostly an 80.
  5. 10m target pistol

    Pity I just sold aFWB model 80 that would make the companion to your 300S. For a couple of hundred maybe look out for a 80 or 65. Consider FWB model 100 single stroke. Or a FAS 604 and get a 20th century one with a trigger stop but look out for cracks if it has the sharp corner as per video below. hopefully someone will have one. Clubs are the best places to find one.
  6. 10m target pistol

    Spring, CO2, SSP or PCP?
  7. wanted FAS 604/6004 ambidextrous GRIP

    To commission a donated FAS 604 with fixed custom grip for use by club juniors we seek an Ambi grip for not much money. I think 6004 grip may fit. Offering only low tens as we are not a wealthy club. PM me
  8. 4mm Raiser Block

    Seller waleidna8591. He's not had any on Ebay for months. I had a 10mm pair for under £32 but he said hes got to make some more stock. If I can find his email I'll PM it.
  9. Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    Lovely item received with thanks.
  10. Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    PM sent
  11. Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    Its a great sight though. I have one and if I had some spare cash I'd buy it to swap out for 6 yds.