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    hi there <br>i have not long been shooting but am very keen, and eager to get as much advise from you experts out there!<br>love clubbing, (bit of a dance diva) but also love peace and quiet, any tips feel free to pm or e-mail me..... thanks<br>karly
  1. New Medium Risk Email Worm Virus

    neil, mine updates daily, thankfully...... karly
  2. New Medium Risk Email Worm Virus

    neil, i have done all that and it still tried to get in, it had a second attempt but never managed to get there, thankfully....and i never opened it, any attachment i receieve i always scan before i open, (bit of a wise one!) karly
  3. New Medium Risk Email Worm Virus

    Robert, i have just encouontered Mydoom virus, fortunatly norton discovered it before i had chance to open it, it affects your documents and settings and comes in the form of a zip, so even if medium risk it is still a pain to have!
  4. Ebay Auction Items