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  1. .22 Target Rifle

    I am essentially after a .22 target rifle to use as my first 'owned' rifle. I have been using a club anschutz match 54 for a number of years now but due to getting my FAC wish to purchase my own. I only ask that it has adjustment on the butt and cheek piece. I am not too fussed about make, but would prefer an anschutz. I also have no preference to metal or wooden. I am aiming to keep the price of the rifle under £1k if possible but can push higher for the correct rifle. If a deal can be done with other shooting equipment such as jacket, glove and sling then I would be interested. Let me know what you have EDIT: RIFLE NOW PURCHASED
  2. Kurt Thune Shooting Jacket

    Hi, any chance of coming to try this on for size? It should fit but want to confirm prior to committing to purchase