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  1. Fullbore rifle for student club

    Hi, the SSS Fullbore is coming up next month and as of yet, Aberdeen University doesn’t have a 7.62/.308 that works. At max we have a budget of about £300 which I understand is quite low for a rifle but if anyone has something that still shoots in a straight line we’d be happy to take a look. thanks
  2. rear sight required

    Hi all, My university club is looking to repair our air rifles and as such we need a rear sight for one of them. the rifle needing the rear sight is an FWB for rail reference.
  3. Trigger shoe

    that's a pain. Thanks anyway, might have to make one then.
  4. Trigger shoe

    Hi, I'm currently shooting a match modell 54 with a two-stage trigger and am wondering if there are different trigger shoes/blades available. I am aware that the design is out of date so modern shoes will not fit. I've attached an image which basically shows what I'm working with.
  5. Hämmerli Shooting Trousers

    Looking for £75 or nearest offer contact vicks@walls-family.com if you are interested. Black and white canvas shooting trousers, bought new in August 2014, have been used to win the Scottish 10m Airgun and Junior 3P championships (2017). Would fit juniors and ladies. I am a ladies size 8-10 and they fit me. (They did not come with a label saying formal size.) They are all good in terms of equipment control. These trousers are registered with a blue British shooting tag (which fell off the other day). ... Modifications - leather patch on one side was used to replace stretch nylon material to give more support. - Purple lettering on the back right leg (can be removed).
  6. R/H Leather Gehmann Shooting Jacket

    Extra photos of jacket
  7. R/H Leather Gehmann Shooting Jacket

    Leather Gehmann shooting jacket for sale, right handed, size 44 more pictures tomorrow. looking for £200 o.n.o
  8. Anschütz 1807 Action with Barrel

    1807 action with barrel for sale £100 o.n.o Surplus to requirement and looking to free up space on FAC. Based in Aberdeen, if done through RFD, costs at buyer's expense.
  9. Walther KK300 Alutec in Black SOLD !!

    fair enough
  10. Walther KK300 Alutec in Black SOLD !!

    which buttplate is that? it looks like the MEC free position II and my girlfriend is looking for one of them. if it is the mec free position would you be willing to sell it to her separate from the rest of the rifle?
  11. Anschütz 2213 Stock

    Any idea how much they would go second hand?
  12. Handstop For Sale

    Looking for £25. Located in Aberdeenshire, can post at your cost.
  13. Anschütz 2213 Stock

    Yeah it's a pain. I used one all of the last academic year at my university club and really started to enjoy it towards the end of the year and having tried my girlfriend's precise it felt much more suited to me. I was warned about the fragility of the one I used but thankfully never dropped it. Plan would be to find one without the barrel seeing as I already have a barrel to put in one.
  14. Anschütz 2213 Stock

    I'm only enquiring about the cost of the stock at the moment since having tried a few stocks and decided this is the one I want.