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  1. Gehmann Champion Rearsight

    Selling a Gehmann Champion Rearsight (the one with a clear view panel), in excellent condition, selling because it’s been replaced and no longer needed, looking for £250 ono
  2. Hi, I'm looking for an Anschutz carrier plate with the prongs/pins that fit into the butt. Just the carrier and prongs/pins not the full butt plate. Please let me know if you have one going spare/for sale. Thanks Sam
  3. Anschutz 2013 X2 For Sale

    I've got an Anschutz 2013 barrelled action in 2313 alloy stock, almost 12 years old and had around 75000 rounds through it. Mild discolouration to the blueing of the barrel after and incident with some white vinegar. Still groups well, last test was 19mm for 40 shot group at ELEY. Selling for £1000 ono. Also have a separate, selected 2013 barrelled action for sale. 5 years old and only fired 2000 rounds through it. Looking for £1200 ono Both barrels are set for ELEY at 0.042, but because of the clamping mechanism that holds the barrel they can be easily adjusted for RWS or Lapua ammunition.
  4. Anschutz 2013 X2 For Sale

    2005 barrelled action and stock sold I have no testing results for 2012 barrelled action, however the most recent test resulted with an average group size of 14.7 and overall 40 shot group of 18.3, tested at ELEY.
  5. Anschutz 2013 X2 For Sale

    Also, no sights included as I'm using them on my new Anschutz.
  6. Anschutz 2013 X2 For Sale

    Hi Russel, I've got a hand stop I can throw in FOC. With all of current kit attached the Anschutz weighs around 6.5kg. But I am shooting with a System Gemini butt plate and they're not exactly light. Let me know if you've got any other questions. Cheers Sam
  7. Anschutz 2013 X2 For Sale

    Here are a few photos. In the box are a couple of extras. A palm shelf, two extra cheek pieces and a set of gehmann sight raiser blocks with spacers and screws. If desirable, I can add the extras for £70 ono.