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  1. Trigger Shoe And Handstop

    Innes Firstly, Glad you're still alive. No reply to email sent on Monday. I had the same problem a while ago. First thing to do is get a new glove with better padding if you haven't already done so. I tried the Monard fingerless one but it wore out within the year so went back to Kustermann. On the subject of premature let-offs. Have you cleaned your trigger? Is it adjusted properly? I would suggest you take it to the Anschutz service van at Bisley. What they generally do, is look at it. Laugh out loud then throw it in a bin and fit a replacement. Now only costs about £15 and well worth the money. PS Are you going to come to one of these reunions? Bruce wasn't quick enough to decline so it's at his in Embra next year. Loco
  2. Rh Anschutz S/match Stock

    I currently have HPS new 703-Ultra stock on trial. If (when) I buy it, I will probably sell my old 1913 stock and buthook. It's been reprofiled with a narrower and shallower fore-end. Can send pics if you're still looking. Loco