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  1. Hi Paul,


    Strange ... not sure what's going on there - being the techie, you could check on HTTPWatch and sent me the output requests to see whether the problem is.

    Or even run Wireshark and grab the net traffic.


    For most, the above will be gobldy gook mind ;)

  2. What type of connection have you got to the 'net?


    I've seen this when using my mobile as a modem with the laptop due to the way the traffic is going through Orange.


    You are probably behind a proxy server which can cause problems due to header striping ...


    If you can get the same machine connected to the Internet directly then I would hazard a guess that it would work.


    You haven't installed Zonealarm or other any other software firewall/malware products have you?

  3. If you are in the UK for example, and have "(GMT) Cassablanca, Dublin, London, Lisbon, Monrovia" set, along with the "Auto correct DST?" option then, yes it should know which days in the year to change your profile to reflect the clock change. Although I have seen cases where it doesn't seem to kick in ;)

  4. Well, I'm going to abuse my power here ...


    Got a new phone as an upgrade today from Orange but I'm not really needing it (as much as I love my toys)


    It's a sweet looking phone (friend has one) but the box hasn't been opened so as to leave the "void" seal in tact


    You can see the full spec of this phone on the HTC Diamond site


    Old Ebay would suggest the average phone is going for around £250 but I'm open to sensible offers ;)


  5. Folks,


    It has been brought to my attention that is probably not best etiquette to ask for/solicit price advice, and then try and sell it here.

    Asking for an individual's 'best-guess' estimate on your item(s) may leave you open to "that's too expensive" comments from other users ;)


    If you would like to sell something, why not advertise it with a price you think is reasonable. If you do not know what is a

    reasonable price (through 'googling' for example) then try advertising the item and open it to offers and that way people can openly

    offer you a price and it is up to you whether you accept it or not :D




  6. Any chance you could increase the size limit of the uploaded avatar?

    It took an hour to get

    <- this

    Animation down to 20kb and it looks very clunky because of all the frames I had to take out.


    I was gonna make a new avatar, but it's very difficult to get the size down that low.

    Would it break the server to may move it up to 80kb?


    Or... Is it possible to host a larger animated GIF elsewhere and display it?





    Will look but it's not even just space and bandwidth, it is to keep page loading times reasonable ... especially if being

    loaded on a PDA/mobile device. Yes you can use the lo-fi version but I still like some graphics on the mobile device ;)

    Shall look sometime Dave ... still think 80k per avatar x 10 per page + all other graphics/text could lead to 1Mb+ per page

  7. either!!!


    dont mind!!

    it will fit on either of my rifles!!


    preferable with a bubble



    Unless you are using an extension I think you require 18mm


    Doesn't really matter whether std length barrel or with tube you can still use 22mm. Personal preference based on how much light you want around the foresight ;)

  8. There have been a few people who have joined and then said they didn't mean to ... a few idiot spammers ... I removed their accounts.


    It's done purely from the Admin side and hopefully legit/enthusiast members don't want to de-register ;)

  9. LOL, thanks guys.


    You'll probably have noticed that some of you already have a membership number over 1400 and yet there *not quite* 1000 members ;)


    Well, there have been many members who have joined and then never been approved or have left but those membership no's never get re-used ;)


    Not sure anyone would want signed photos mind :-p