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  1. It's been over a week since the clocks changed but just about everyone

    (in the UK) still has there timezone set to GMT + 1. The UK is now back

    to GMT, so can you all please go to your profile and change your timezone



    For those of you not in the UK, can you please change your timezone to

    reflect the time difference between yourselves and the UK.


    Many thanks


    (Currently at GMT + 9 in Japan)

  2. Neil; the count of the number of messages on the home page appears to increment by three for every new message....


    ....e.g. it was 351, then 354, then 357 when only two messages were added in between. (probably 360 after this one gets in)


    Have fun - how long are you going to be in Japan?


    Hi Martin,


    Don't worry, it's not a bug - there are a few forums hosted here and

    depending on which group you belong to, you can only see your specific

    areas. So somebody in another group will have posted and you just won't see it :)


    It will just have been coincidence that the post count went up

    by 3 both times when you were watching it (if that makes sense) 8)


    I'll be in Japan until the end of August / beginning of September

    next year - ahh so much to do in the next week and a half too :)

  3. Can I ask all users to check that their timezone is correcti n order to

    reflect the true time you posted your message. At the moment,

    the United Kingdom is currently in British Summer Time (BST) which is

    the same as GMT +1.


    Many thanks


  4. I currently have a "small" tucker scope stand that is only really any good

    on flat firing points. Try using it on anything that has a bump i.e. the

    Scottish, then you have a problem.


    Does anyone have the "big brother" base or equivalent for sale?




  5. Attention new (potential) members!


    Welcome to the stirton.com forums.


    The primary use is for friends and fellow target shooters but anyone

    who believes they may be of use is welcome to join.


    When you first join you will be sent an email that you are required to

    reply to in order to activate your account.


    If you are interested in the shooters' forums, then you will need to send

    me a P(rivate) M(essage) or email me to tell me, otherwise you will only

    see the basic forums.


    Any questions, then please feel free to ask.



  6. I'm currently in the process of adding extra functionality to this board, some of which is my code and other bits are 3rd party.


    If you get any errors then please let me know.

    (Quite a number of the additions are for Admins only, hence you won't

    see them, but they may have "funny" consequences - so keep your eyes open)

  7. What is an avatar?


    The avatar is the small picture that appears under your name when you post a message.


    The dimensions must not be larger than 100x100 and it must also be 20Kb or less in size.


    If you want to add an avatar, then go to "Profile" and look near the bottom. You can

    then upload an avater from your machine or from a remote URL!