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  1. My friend has a Webley Tempest .22 Air Pistol that he wants to sell. Open to offers ... Cheers Neil
  2. Webley Tempest .22 Air Pistol

    Hey Zasgar, Afraid I won't be there for a while - away to South Africa next week for a couple of weeks. Best thing would be to give me your friend's email address and I will pass it on to my friend and they can sort something out. PM me with the address. Thanks Neil
  3. Remember Me

    Strange, I'm guessing you don't all have software firewalls running on your PCs or other software blocking cookies? Have you reset your cookies since the forum was upgraded? What happens if you click on the "Delete cookies set by this board" link and then log back in. Do you still get logged out again when moving between pages? Thanks Neil
  4. Remember Me

    Folks, It's not explicitly to do with our server(s) I'm afraid to tell you I *never* get logged out unless I do it manually. As mentioned above, the only real difference is that at the two locations where I normally check the forum, both have permanently assigned (statis) IP addresse where as a number of you will probably have ISP assigned IP addresses. It would be interesting to know which of you have static addresses and whether or not you have any problems? I believe that in an effort to prevent hi-jacking of the forum. If someone tries to post from a PC with a different IP address of that when they first logged in, then you should be thrown out. This is only supposed to be within the same session (15mins) though .. will see if I can find out when I have a mo
  5. Peli Cases

    Morning Paul, To follow on from yesterday ... the price for 5 inserts would bring down the individual price if there were not too many mods between cases (and assuming that the insert is for the same model Peli case?) I may get my case back tomorrow if I am lucky and in which case I will take it to Bisley with me this weekend for anyone who may be interested in seeing what I am talking about. Failing that, I will take some photos. Cheers Neil
  6. Peli Cases

    Paul, Having seen this stuff, it would be exactly what you want - only problem is it is in Aberdeen should you need to leave items to be measured but as you say, if you can provide accurate specs/sizes ... The biggest cost is time and I would imagine everyone's case would be unique inside, thus increasing the CAD/CAM design time ... Away over now to have a chat with them.
  7. Peli Cases

    Have a look at this case. http://www.storagetrunks.co.uk/single-case...trim-p-339.html I had one made fro my air pistols with a hinge, you have to get your own foam but I have 2 air pistols + lots of room for all your kit for only for £56 + £8 p & p Also the company will do made to measure if you ask. I have found it the best case for the money around I worked out if I had got them to make my free pistol case instead of condor I could have saved £150. Peter, This company make exactly the same case and supply all the foam etc. Again, knowing numbers and interest could potentially help obtain a discount. They supply the extrememly dense foam and use a CNC lathe to cut out sections as per your requirements. This would the only difficult bit for non-Aberdonians, unless you were all up/over at say the Scottish ISSF and potentially the company would do it at a weekend. Or if you could send very accurate templates and were willing to accept the liability based on what you supplied. It's all a thought triggered from the fact that I'm going to get the foam for my case cut and if it meant helping some other shooters get a better deal by clubbing together ...
  8. Peli Cases

    ... but not what I'm asking I'm trying to guage number that may be interested. Then I'd be in a better place to try and negotiate discount
  9. Peli Cases

    Sparks, you say can he beat those kind of prices - could you give an indication mate as to what you have researched and found to be indicitive
  10. Website Hosting

    My company Charlie Send me a msg if you want to talk
  11. Upgrading The Forum

    I would hazard a guess at potentially scripting being blocked since it seems to be related to pop up type actions? Anyway, glad you are enjoying the forum and finding it useful
  12. Advice On Elbow Pads Wanted

    Vic, There are many different tops out there .. The older style Mouche tops tend to stretch and lose their shape very easily. The newer ones however tend to be made from neoprene and I have a couple of Mouche and Kurt Thune one, all of which I would recommend - they keep you cool when warm, warm when cool I have to say though that the elbow pads are not hugely padded on any of the tops (in my experience anyway)
  13. Upgrading The Forum

    Can't replicate this I am afraid Again, I can't replicate Sorry, not quite sure what you mean here? Are you running any s/ware firewalls, pop-up blockers, AV etc?
  14. Upgrading The Forum

    Hi Niel, I sent you two emails this morning to forum-admin@stirton.com sorry if that was the wrong address, but hear is the gist of it; On _both_ IE and Firefox if you click the galleries button ion the top you get; Fatal error: Class gallery_sql_queries: Cannot inherit from undefined class db_driver in /home/stirton/public_html/forum/sources/sql/mysql_gallery_queries.php on line 18 Now resolved Now resolved Not looked at this yet ...
  15. Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    Steve, Try the PM facility now. Cheers Neil
  16. Upgrading The Forum

    Hi Julian, Thanks for looking. I am aware of the above - all related to the gallery which I didn't receive the update to with the rest of the forum. The new forum uses an upgraded security model hence why the older gallery software is failing to connect to the database Cheers Neil
  17. Upgrading The Forum

    Julian, What problems are you experiencing with Firefox? Thanks N
  18. Upgrading The Forum

    Folks, that's the forum upgraded to the latest version from 2.1.7 to 2.2.1. What does that mean to me I hear you say http://community.ipslink.com/board/ - New Personal Profiles - Rich Text Editor - Buddy lists You certainly should not find anything any worse and hopefully some of the minor bugs fixed
  19. Setting Up A Invision Forum

    Hi Bob, There are several incarnations of forum software out there to be honest. Among the best known are this one (www.invisionboard.com), vBulletin (www.vbulletin.com) and phpBB (www.phpbb.com) This forum used to be phpBB until I upgrade to Invision v1 a couple of years ago (which was also free back then). Now both Invision and vBulletin are commercial products but they do provide greater control, especially from an Admin point of view. To expand on what Marfulee has said: Invision can run under pretty much any web serving engine (Apache, IIS etc as long as it supports PHP) The standard price includes the MySQL driver but you can also now purchase MSSQL or Oracle for an additional $50 I think. You've got fairly granular control over user & group permissions and how you manage the forum to be honest. You can make it is open and simple as possible, or as tied down and complex as you wish. 1) $200-300 (or look into one of the freebies) 2) Nothing that anyone with a bit of technical savvy will struggle with 3) Not really. To keep the integrity of this forum, registered user's have to be manually approved before their account is active. You can setup auto-archiving of the database etc if you want. 4) A web server of some kind supporting PHP, and a database server such as MySQL (MSSQL or Oracle also possible with some of the systems) Cheers Neil
  20. New Skins

    Looking at some further skin options for the forum - getting bored with the blue The URL's corresponding to the above: 1. http://www.extremepixels.net/ipb/index.php...&skinid=112 2. http://www.extremepixels.net/ipb/index.php...&skinid=154 3. http://www.extremepixels.net/ipb/index.php...&skinid=137 My favourite is the 1st one because of the target like icons for new posts
  21. Cannot Add Calendar Events

    Ok Rob, Try now. There are a lot of new options to administer the forum and for some reason the ShootingMods group didn't have permissions to post a calendar item. I have also removed the need for all calendar events to be approved since I trust you all not to post anything daft
  22. Attachments

    Will have a look
  23. Cannot Add Calendar Events

    That's for a reason Rob When I get a chance, I'll have a look.
  24. New Skins

    The beauty is each member can choose their own skin
  25. Rhom Twinmaster

    Anyone know of or have a Rhom Twinmaster Top or preferably Sport for sale? I'm after 1 (just now) for my "little" sisters... If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated. Cheers N.