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  1. Ruger 10/22

    Huh hmmm, British Gentleman
  2. Morini Grips Wanted

    That'll be right Rob I didn't say I was buying the pistol, just that I'd sourced one and I'd look to get the grips part of the present
  3. Morini Grips Wanted

    Hi Robert, Sounds like we could do a deal You get small in l/hand and xs in r/hand or you can go for the Rink grip. I know Harry thanks and will also give him a shout for the other grip
  4. Forum Time

    Says "This post has been edited by smallbore: Today, 05:06 PM" for me in the Glasgow post that you refer to which says to me that it's your profile settings. Can you have a look at your board settings and let me know if your time zone and DST correction is set correctly? Cheers Neil
  5. Forum Time

    Bob, which post is saying that time?
  6. New Post Markers

    In what way Paul - all appears ok to me now I must admit?
  7. New Post Markers

    Right folks, can you all try now
  8. New Post Markers

    You'll be glad to know guys that a patch has been released - will try get to it later tonight
  9. New Post Markers

    Hmm, I've rebuilt the skin cache which will mean little to most of you but all seems to be working on my MacBookPro Will check on Windows later but if someone else wants to check meanwhile ...
  10. New Post Markers

    Sorry guys, been quite a few late nights shooting and working ... This seems to tie in with the latest release of the forum software which was installed on the night of the 17th approx 22:30 Shall have a quick look
  11. Promoting The Forum

    Well guys and gals, It's been over 5.5 years now since starting the forum and it has grown slowly but steadily, however I still feel that it could grow exponentially with a little help from the current membership. If I can therefore ask those who do not mind, could you please help by raising awareness in your local clubs and counties to try and turn this into the target shooting forum on the Internet. It's already pretty high within Google's search results for certain keywords but can always benefit from more members. There are so many other things I would like to do with the site but at the moment, there are simply not enough hours in the day - one day though Many thanks Neil
  12. Promoting The Forum

    Hi Richard, Welcome on board ... I have to admit that this site was always setup with Target shooting in mind and mainly Olympic disciplines. You're right about getting clay on board but I'm not really for the going down the hunting route tbh - I believe there are plenty of other sites out there serving that purpose. Thanks Neil
  13. Ip Board Pro Skin

    Well change back Seriously, thanks for pointing that out Steve
  14. Promoting The Forum

    Hi, There is a simple Help system (button at the top right of the screen), and some hints in people's post (that you would need to search for). Underneath each person's post there should be +Quote and "Reply buttons. If you click on the the Quote button it will toggle between +Quote and -Quote. +Quote indicates that if you then click on "Reply you will be quoting that person's text. If the quote button is set to -Quote you obviously won't be quoting them. Cheers Neil
  15. Promoting The Forum

    Steve, Colin, All you have to do is ask Gents you have a login name and also a display name which the public see. Both can be changed if you want, or simply the display name. Colin, the reason you must have signed up with Coiln was that Colin had already gone to one of my club members You could have <firstname><lastname>, or something else if you wish. Best PM me so I don't miss it
  16. Promoting The Forum

    LOL, I agree Simon
  17. Promoting The Forum

    Guys, Thanks for all the suggestions and taken on board. As I'm sure you're aware that I run the forum when I can basically and have to leave it to 'self-police' as I simply do not have the time between work (still here at this time on a Fri night ) and training at a sufficient level to represent my country. The forum actually now has the ability for subscriptions for example. I've deliberately kept it away from a paid resource but Robert, going by your suggestion and playing on it a little ... maybe each club that wanted to a section could pay a nominal fee per year towards hosting. Being honest I would also probably need to look towards some junior admins (on top of the current moderators) to help with the accepting of new registrations etc. Steve, your point about the forum not looking active is a very valid point. The reason it is like this is to prevent unwanted attention so to speak. The last thing I want is critics who are not interested in our sport and cannot contribute or add any value. I actually visualise more than just a forum but the work to plan and set it up is what puts me off right now. Like the ideal of clothing etc - an online shop Cheers folks, keep the ideas coming!
  18. Setting Up A Invision Forum

    ... and if you ever decide to move forward, let me know if you need hosting
  19. Gun Cases

    Neil, your location field in your profile is not filled out mate
  20. Donations

    A BIG thank you to the several of you whom have so generously donated towards the running of the forum over the past few weeks. You know who you are It is very much appreciated.
  21. Upgrading The Forum

    Thanks guys, I've listened to what you have said You can now find the Donate button on the home/index page near the top right. Many thanks for all your support. Neil
  22. Upgrading The Forum

    Thanks Robert, it was removed when the 2.2.0 version came out. I need to find a few mins to look into it again. There is now a subscription module but as far as I can see that dictates how much the subs should be hence I haven't done anything with that
  23. Upgrading The Forum

    Sorry if you noticed a slight 'glitch' in service tonight but I've just upgrade from 2.2.0 to 2.30. Again, mainly on the admin side are where the improvements lie but from your point of view the searching should be a little quicker now since I've reindexed the board.
  24. Rss

    I had noticed
  25. Anschutz Laminate Stock

    Thought you weren't the seller?