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  1. Fwb Cleaning Rod Guide

    As the topic suggests £8 If anyone's interested, I can take it to Bisley this weekend.
  2. Fwb Cleaning Rod Guide

    All gone at Bisley this weekend I'm afraid.
  3. Fwb Cleaning Rod Guide

    Sorry Charlie, I received a PM the back of 2pm this avo. It's already sold (in principle at least) - never sold until goods and cash exchange hands Interested in a bolt protector
  4. Profile

    Ok folks, I believe one of the files was corrupted during the upload, hopefully I have got to the bottom of it now. Let me know if you find any other issues. Cheers Neil
  5. Profile

    Ok, shall look into guys - thanks
  6. Forum Upgraded

    Forum has been upgraded to the latest version tonight, any problems then let me know.
  7. Deleting Topics

    Hi Kevin, Posts yes, topics no Something you want deleted?
  8. Admin Away

    Well folks, I'm away again as of first thing tomorrow until the beginning of June. We have a good trip ahead with comps in Hannover, Plzen, Munich and Milan over the next 5wks. May get online occassionally otherwise admin tasks will have to wait I'm afraid Thanks for your understanding
  9. Logging On Problem

    I'm still away In Spain right now ... honest, not touched a thing!
  10. Logging On Problem

    Sorry guys, Been out of action for the last 2.5 weeks (been in South Africa with very sporadic internet access. Can't think of any reason tbh
  11. Forum Hacked ???

    I didn't get back from Bisley until 11pm last night but I got a one of the guys to restore to Sat night's backup for me. Haven't had time to see where the managed to 'get in' so to speak ... Would have been fixed before 8pm I believe and probably happened around lunchtime.
  12. Morini Grips Wanted

    Hey guys, Right, I need a favour ... Can any of you put your hands on or know where to get: 1 x Small left handed pistol grip for a Steyr LP2 Compact 1 x XSmall OR Small right handed pistol for a Steyr LP2 Compact. I have my 3 sisters into pistol shooting and they need a decent pistol. I believe I have sourced the pistol but just need the grips. Any help much appreciated as they would make a nice Christmas present
  13. Morini Grips Wanted

    No problem, hope it turns up for your sake
  14. Morini Grips Wanted

    Hi Peter, Sorry missed your reply earlier. I have actually managed to source a small left-handed grip within my club which is very handy But desperately after a small/XS right-handed in time for Xmas - ANYONE?
  15. Ruger 10/22

    Sunbeam, I'm sure you were only joking but Batty has a very valid point and your response does not read in the gest it may have been intended!
  16. Ruger 10/22

    Well he was 10 weeks ago anyway. ... but rightly so, Mel is trying to sell here. Other off-topic discussion should be in a new thread
  17. Ruger 10/22

    Huh hmmm, British Gentleman
  18. Morini Grips Wanted

    That'll be right Rob I didn't say I was buying the pistol, just that I'd sourced one and I'd look to get the grips part of the present
  19. Morini Grips Wanted

    Hi Robert, Sounds like we could do a deal You get small in l/hand and xs in r/hand or you can go for the Rink grip. I know Harry thanks and will also give him a shout for the other grip
  20. Forum Time

    Says "This post has been edited by smallbore: Today, 05:06 PM" for me in the Glasgow post that you refer to which says to me that it's your profile settings. Can you have a look at your board settings and let me know if your time zone and DST correction is set correctly? Cheers Neil
  21. Forum Time

    Bob, which post is saying that time?
  22. New Post Markers

    In what way Paul - all appears ok to me now I must admit?
  23. New Post Markers

    Right folks, can you all try now
  24. New Post Markers

    You'll be glad to know guys that a patch has been released - will try get to it later tonight
  25. New Post Markers

    Hmm, I've rebuilt the skin cache which will mean little to most of you but all seems to be working on my MacBookPro Will check on Windows later but if someone else wants to check meanwhile ...