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  1. Faq File Availability

    Well spotted Graham, that was from the old forum
  2. Air Rifle?

    Check your PM's
  3. Air Rifle?

    It is a good air rifle but I think it's a decent price for what it is... Should be down at Bisley 6-8 June.
  4. Air Rifle?

    Hi Emma, I believe one of the guys in my club is selling his air rifle - I'll check if he's sold it or not. I know it's just under 600miles away but I should be down at Bisley in a few weeks time. Neil
  5. Left-handed Rifles

    Graeme, Ewen is selling one of his left handed rifles I believe, give him a shout. u01efb@abdn.ac.uk Neil
  6. Number Of Topics (trivial)

    No probs and no the old forum didn't do that. The reason I haven't removed anything is if people want to use the search to find an old post. If space becomes an issue then I will remove old posts
  7. Number Of Topics (trivial)

    Hey Mairi, Did you show all topics from the beginning rather than just the last 30 days which is the default?
  8. Save your posts offline first

    Hi Robert, Sorry for the delay in replying... You say you looked at the help. Were you not able to use the back button to get back to what you had typed - I just tried and had no problems but it is not a fail safe method. If you are writing a long post, write it in a text editor (e.g. Notepad, Xemacs, Ultraedit), spell check it if you want and then copy and paste it into a message. As for the smilies, you can insert them anywhere in a post by either clicking on the "Clickable Smilies box to the left of where you enter your message OR you can use the shortcut characters (if you know them) e.g. ": D" gives , ": )" gives (there should be no space inbetween the colon and "D" / ")" Oh and pinned messages are ones that are deemed important and are thus placed at the top of the forum so as to be easily seen. Cheers Neil
  9. New Software - IPB

    Strange I shall have a look sometime mate.
  10. New Software - IPB

    Yeah I have noticed this too
  11. New Software - IPB

    Yeah that was one of the first things I noticed too
  12. Headspace gauge

    Richard sent me the file and I have it down to a 15kb .gif file which I believe shows in just as much detail as the original I was sent
  13. I know JV, I was really pointing out that you have to watch which sight you get if you get the periscope style i.e. one that has no form of magnigication (if you plan on shooting in ISSF run comps)
  14. You can get a periscope sight, which are legal in some comps but not all, certainly not international shooting.
  15. Butt Hook

    I think he might but I will let Ken confirm it
  16. Connection

    Apologies for the intermittent connections today - being worked on...
  17. nationals

    Jenny, Can you first of all either update your profile to reflect your location or reply telling us which 'Nationals' you are talking about? This is primarily a UK forum but there are many international shooters on here that maybe able to help with other country's results. Thanks Neil
  18. Highlights

    But are you using the Back button
  19. Headspace gauge

    It was just a thought Richard If that fails, send it to me and I'll scan it
  20. Headspace gauge

    Depends on the quality of your equipment mate I appreciate that technical/CAD drawings are not going to be the best scanned but if they were going to be photocopied and posted then there is very little difference
  21. Headspace gauge

    Can you not scan them then and email to people that are interested?
  22. Lift from Scotland to Bisley

    Jim, See if Heather Rudd is maybe going
  23. New web host! I've moved Stirton.com onto my new company's servers (got to promote my own business) www.ikiji.com - Ikiji E-Business Solutions The transition should hopefully be seemless with no loss of posts or connectivity Should any fellow members of the forum require any website hosting or an web development whatsoever, then please get in touch and we shall negotiate a deal 8) Thanks, Neil
  24. Shooting frames?

    Does anybody have any (spare) shooting frames that they would be willing to "loan" or sell? Thanks
  25. Shooting frames?

    Thanks Mike, I knew of most of the makes and models just not quite which was the best