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  1. Air Pistol

    Emma, Is it with the Pony club but I'll be honest and thought that some of the pistol pro's on here would have a better idea
  2. Air Pistol

    Any idea as to the cost?
  3. Internet Explorer Exploit

    Just a warning to you all. Back in December an exploit was found in IE (5.01, 5.5 and 6) It allows one to show one URL in the address bar but actually take the victim to another. Here is a very simple page I've just created: http://www.stirton.com/test.htm The implications are huge. Barclays bank has just been hit by this. Someone made a spoof copy of their site and then sent out emails with the exploit and tricked customers into thinking that they were on the legit site.
  4. Internet Explorer Exploit

    But it's not actually a trojan Si It's a Micky$oft "feature" Norton AV latest pattern file does not pick it up and nor would I really expect it to. Where it is likely to catch people out is where someone gets sent a faked HTML email that looks like it has come from their bank and asks them to log in. You will most likely be taken to a site that looks identical and log in and before you know it the 'fraudster' has your login details. Some Barclay's customers were hit by this a few weeks back.
  5. Internet Explorer Exploit

    As of earlier today, if you do a Windows update then you should find a patch for IE that will prevent you from being "exploitable" from this security bug. http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com
  6. Choate Mini 30 Stock

    LOL, his whole site is now password protected
  7. Choate Mini 30 Stock

    I'm afraid we are not all English, we do have several US citizens on board here but none have behaved quite like you. I'm sorry you do not like how things are run but the majority do. Sorry to see you go (Oh and it's "tight")
  8. Choate Mini 30 Stock

    I have spoken to EC and brought to his attention the intention of this forum. I do not want to make this a "UK" only forum, although it is prodominently at the moment, as the point is to establish a community worldwide. We want to know of international competitions and how others train etc. Let's leave it at that!
  9. Mydoom/novarg Virus

    People, please ensure that you are up todate with your Antivirus software as the MyDoom virus hit the meanstream Internet on Monday and within the first 45mins had infected approx 40,000 machines. I've had 8 infected emails today (which have been caught and deleted). Be careful. http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcen...ovarg.a@mm.html
  10. Email Addresses

    Can I please ask that if you set autoresponders on your email accounts when you are away that you change your Email Settings in "My Controls" so that all email notifications are *off* (such as PM notifications), so that I do not receive lots of emails from your responder. Many thanks, Neil
  11. Happy New Year

    I want to wish you all a very happy New Year and all the best with your shooting in 2004. May you achieve all your goals and win all those gold medals.
  12. Happy New Year

    Not a problem and welcome aboard.
  13. Merry Christmas

    I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
  14. Forum Time

    Please refer to this post... http://forum.stirton.com/index.php?act=ST&f=19&t=97
  15. Ftagh: Acorn Archimedes Computer

    I used to have one, and an A3000 and best of all the Acorn Risc PC - some machine I've got hundreds of 'Archive' and 'RISC' magazines which will help you to program etc on the Acorn Hope it goes to a good home.
  16. Site Downtime

    Apologies folks, but the datacentre had to perform an emergency swap out of vital routing components, hence the downtime. Thanks Neil
  17. Timezones

    If your clock is displaying an hour out, then click on "My Controls" and under "Options" (on the lhs) click on "Board Settings" and untick the Daylight Saving Option and save your changes.
  18. Multi-day Events In Calendar

    This is something I have thought about and will look into.
  19. Kneeling/standing Rifle Rest

    Obviously you are and it is a proper stand, just highlighting Ken's suggestion of a cheaper version for those who can't afford the real deal
  20. Kneeling/standing Rifle Rest

    Well get the proper thing then if they *want* to pay
  21. Kneeling/standing Rifle Rest

    Or heed Ken's advice and go for the cheap lights
  22. Scope Stand

    Terry, out of the two legs, it's the one that sits on top of the other where the nut is. Makes sense doesn't it
  23. Scope Stand

    LOL, now you are asking Terry. I'm away up to the club to do some training so I will have a look and let you know later on - thanks. Neil
  24. Server Upgrade

    I've now reverted the forum back to the usual http://forum.stirton.com as I believe everyone should now be looking at the new server...
  25. Server Upgrade