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  1. Any Use For Coaches?

    You ever been to a Scottish meeting
  2. Centra Duo Glass Foresight-unwanted Prize

    Link is not working for me Chris
  3. Realtree Jackets/hw77k For Sale.

    I know Chris, but just incase our new members don't
  4. Realtree Jackets/hw77k For Sale.

    Play nice children
  5. Timezones

    Can I ask all users to check that their timezone is correcti n order to reflect the true time you posted your message. At the moment, the United Kingdom is currently in British Summer Time (BST) which is the same as GMT +1. Many thanks Neil
  6. Timezones

    Time to do the opposite and tick the "Is daylight savings time in effect?" box again folks (unless you're in Malaysia that is )
  7. Wanted Marlin 2000 Summer Biathalon Kit

    I'll be honest with you Mike, most of the shooters on board here are ISSF target shooters. There may be someone that can help with your request though
  8. Wanted Free Or Cheap To A Good Home

    .. and I still have my trusty old BSA. Great rifles, getting parts for it is the main problem. Maybe Mac, or some of the other central belt folk can help you?
  9. View New Posts

    You're right Clive and it should be an 'information' message and not an error. I thought exactly the same when I first saw it. The authors have just used an error dialog for all messages shown to users - not ideal I know
  10. Anschutz Stock

    To clarify, personal goods/equipment yes. 'Personal' ads. no Commercial ads. = NO
  11. New Medium Risk Email Worm Virus

    I've had over 100 emails with it and it's a pain in the a$$ with the AV popping up all the time but at least it's catching it. Update you AV software as often as possible - weekly at a very minimum.
  12. New Medium Risk Email Worm Virus

    Karly, MyDoom uses more that just zip for attachments, it masquerades as txt, bat, scr and many others. It will install an SMTP (mail) server on your computer and then scan your machine - text files, html files, address books etc for any email addresses it can find and then fake some emails and spread the virus. The attachments are always between 32-34kb in size - it's a good idea to turn on the size column in Outlook then you can get an indication by the size of the email before even opening it
  13. One of my colleagues just forwarded me this link ... http://zxspectrum.cjb.net/
  14. Air Pistol

    I'm looking for a lightweight pistol for my sisters. They are 7,9 & 11 and have just started triathalon, with air pistol shooting being one part of it. Bearing in mind their age and expertise something simple and lightweight (and cheap) is the main criteria. Anyone have/know of a suitable air pistol? Thanks
  15. Air Pistol

    LOL My sisters were told that they could get one from Sloan's (a shop just outside Aberdeen) for around £150. I will find out what kind it is. Cheers
  16. Air Pistol

    Any idea of a price for the Tau Rob?
  17. Air Pistol

    Emma, Is it with the Pony club but I'll be honest and thought that some of the pistol pro's on here would have a better idea
  18. Air Pistol

    Any idea as to the cost?
  19. Internet Explorer Exploit

    Just a warning to you all. Back in December an exploit was found in IE (5.01, 5.5 and 6) It allows one to show one URL in the address bar but actually take the victim to another. Here is a very simple page I've just created: http://www.stirton.com/test.htm The implications are huge. Barclays bank has just been hit by this. Someone made a spoof copy of their site and then sent out emails with the exploit and tricked customers into thinking that they were on the legit site.
  20. Internet Explorer Exploit

    But it's not actually a trojan Si It's a Micky$oft "feature" Norton AV latest pattern file does not pick it up and nor would I really expect it to. Where it is likely to catch people out is where someone gets sent a faked HTML email that looks like it has come from their bank and asks them to log in. You will most likely be taken to a site that looks identical and log in and before you know it the 'fraudster' has your login details. Some Barclay's customers were hit by this a few weeks back.
  21. Internet Explorer Exploit

    As of earlier today, if you do a Windows update then you should find a patch for IE that will prevent you from being "exploitable" from this security bug. http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com
  22. Choate Mini 30 Stock

    LOL, his whole site is now password protected
  23. Choate Mini 30 Stock

    I'm afraid we are not all English, we do have several US citizens on board here but none have behaved quite like you. I'm sorry you do not like how things are run but the majority do. Sorry to see you go (Oh and it's "tight")
  24. Choate Mini 30 Stock

    I have spoken to EC and brought to his attention the intention of this forum. I do not want to make this a "UK" only forum, although it is prodominently at the moment, as the point is to establish a community worldwide. We want to know of international competitions and how others train etc. Let's leave it at that!
  25. Mydoom/novarg Virus

    People, please ensure that you are up todate with your Antivirus software as the MyDoom virus hit the meanstream Internet on Monday and within the first 45mins had infected approx 40,000 machines. I've had 8 infected emails today (which have been caught and deleted). Be careful. http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcen...ovarg.a@mm.html