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  1. Merry Christmas

    Thank you David
  2. Server Upgrade

    That's the move done and if you are reading this, then your ISP's records have also updated to point to the new server. Many thanks Neil
  3. Server Upgrade

    Don't worry about it Robin, it's in hand Just preparing you guys for a little disruption
  4. Server Upgrade

    Well the time has come for further improvements, we (Ikiji) are moving to a UK based datacentre with some nice new servers. The upgrade will be taking place this coming weekend and will mean a period of time where some of you will be pointing at the old server and some of you pointing at the new - obiously this can mean posts getting lost. Hence once some of the details are confirmed and the forum is copied over to the new server, I will redirect this copy (i.e. on the old server) to the new one but you will see the IP address in the bar at the top instead of http://forum.stirton.com Things will be even faster after the move, especially if you are UK based. All I ask is that you bear with me this weekend and maybe try and keep the posts to a minimum on Saturday. Many thanks
  5. Top 10 Posters

    Sorry folks, been exceptionally busy with work this week - will have a look when I get a chance.
  6. Light Weight Scope Stand

    I've tried a couple of scope stands of late but they are all pretty heavy. Has anyone got or can recommend a lightweight scope stand/tripod that is still stable and not easily toppled over? Thanks
  7. Light Weight Scope Stand

    Thanks for the info Rose Thanks Trev and no, I'm not in any particular hurry. My scope is a Kowa TS1 and itself is not the lightest - that may have to be investigated at a later date too The scope stand or tripod needs to be lights but sturdy (and capable of withstanding uneven firing points ) I will take the cover off the scope and check on the attachment it has.
  8. Light Weight Scope Stand

    Any details about them Rose i.e. where to get one?
  9. Light Weight Scope Stand

    I've got an older Kowa scope that does have what appears to be some form of tripod/camera thread available on the side... Keep the suggestions coming
  10. Parts For Walther Bolt

    I'd like to know what you've been taking Trev - can I get some or is it on the banned substance list
  11. Parts For Walther Bolt

    Back on topic
  12. Upgrading The Forum

    Clive, Not that I've come across but then again I haven't actively been looking tbh. Rob's suggestion is probably the best workaround and will impose the least load on the server
  13. Are You A Student?

    For those of you who are students, and you can't see the Universities forum then drop me a mail (forum-admin@stirton.com) or PM me.
  14. What is an avatar?

    What is an avatar? The avatar is the small picture that appears under your name when you post a message. The dimensions must not be larger than 100x100 and it must also be 20Kb or less in size. If you want to add an avatar, then go to "Profile" and look near the bottom. You can then upload an avater from your machine or from a remote URL!
  15. What is an avatar?

    Rob, Send me the pic (via email) and I'll have a look at it for you
  16. Virus Warning

    People, There appears to be an email going around saying it's from the forum-admin@stirton.com regarding a Private Message (PM) about an air rifle for sale between jcolehamilton and ksilver766. If any computer savvy individuals can have a quick look at the header and then sent it to me I would appreciate it. Everyone else please delete this email straightaway as it appears to contain a virus. Many thanks Neil
  17. Upgrading The Forum

    Sink, One of the main reason for changing would be to have a continually supported system, security updates etc. I'm still swaying towards upgrading to V2 of the current system in order to minimise disruption/confusion among members. Still need to have a think (and get the time ) Thanks Yardman9/Mac
  18. Admin Away

    Ok, just away for Bisley and will be back on Monday (11th October) - any new registrations, I will deal with upon my return
  19. Upgrading The Forum

    Paul, I too have several clients that are happy to leave their current software "as is" and accept the consequences - the problem with this is that you are never 100% sure when the compromise took place and whether or not are just restoring the problem - yes you can look at logs etc but I feel that this is a reactive response rather than proactive. Neil, you IT pro you One of main reasons for keeping with IPB and just upgrading to V2 was to minimise change and hence the learning curve for the members - I know simplicity is desired by many and that there are a few that like the extra bells and whisltes Vidar, I like your suggestion re: the competition - ideas?? Administering it may be a bit of a pain though ... The more I'm hearing, the more it seems that donations/limited advertising is the preferred route and I'd be inclined to agree with it. There's no rush ...
  20. Upgrading The Forum

    Thanks for the offer Robin but I've already got a handful of scripts that I've developed in the past for clients and their E-Commerce needs.
  21. Upgrading The Forum

    Thanks Rob Clive, I've had a look at phpBB again and now I remember why I moved away ... there are considerably more functions (especially admin related) with both IPB and VBulletin
  22. Upgrading The Forum

    Robert, I agree with you entirely and that's why I wouldn't be keen on charging really. (FYI, when I was thinking about it, I was thinking about £1 on registration) Robin, I knew that would be your stance straight away I too am a fan of GPL and you are teaching your granny here ... But sometimes, yes sometimes, it is worth spending the money - and yes I am a programmer/database developer Thanks for the backing David .. maybe this is the way forward and those who appreciate the service can contribute what they see fit A few reasons Clive ... security was breached more often on phpBB more so than on the other 'main' boards (and it could be timely before a patch was released). The admin functionality and user functionality was superior in IPB than in phpBB. I know phpBB has improved a bit of late but I still think that IPB v2 is better all round than the latest version of phpBB, IMO. It's all in the air at the moment and I'm not going to rush the changes ... things like customising the skin etc is all a consideration as I'd like to introduce more than just the forum in the future and want a consistent look and feel. Keep the ideas coming ...
  23. Admin Away

    New/potential members, please note that I'll be away at the Commonwealth Championships until 20th September - I'll sort out all admin tasks upon my return Thanks for your patience.
  24. Scope Stand Extension Rods

    Emma, He's only about 600miles away I should be at the Pershing Trials, Sywell - 25/26 of this month Do you know anyone going from your area/club?
  25. Telescope Eyepiece

    I've got a Kowa TS1 with a 25x zoom but I'm after a higher magnification eyepiece. Does anyone have/know of where I can get one? Many thanks