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  1. Upgrading The Forum

    Right folks, Thank you to all of you who have generously donated, you know who you are. Your support has enabled the purchase of Invision v2. We are going to upgrade the forum asap so please expect the forum to be down for a short period of time. Thanks
  2. Fas Ap609 Air Pistol For Sale

    Gorgs is now a member on here and should be able to answer that herself
  3. 3p Stand

    You've got a PM
  4. Upgrading The Forum

    I've said before but if anyone wants to have a look at those available, then the links are on page [1] of this thread. Invision v2 is swaying it for me right now because: 1) It is still being supported and improved (quite often extra admin functions) 2) A fully integrated gallery can be purchased and use the same login details without having to hack anything to get it to work $250 for the above The other main option I'm cosidering is vBulletin and then some o/s gallery software that has already been 'hacked' to use the same usernames and passwords - not as clean though.
  5. Upgrading The Forum

    Hi Trigger, Some of you questions may be addressed if you click on page [1] of this thread - which can be found at the top and bottom of the thread. The Paypal link is simply there to receive funds towards the running costs of the forum. The more people join, the more it starts to cost in hosting. Now I don't mind covering most of this cost but if people wish to contribute then this is graciously received. Most likely I will upgrade to v2 of this forum software so as to minimise any disruption to the members. That also gives scope to integrate a gallery too - this will obviously increase the amount of data as photos take up considerably more bandwidth than just text. If you have any more questions then feel free to post here or PM me.
  6. Feinwerkbau P70

    Steve, I could be interested .. although I'm toying with the P700 PM me some details please and photos when you can Thanks Neil
  7. Upgrading The Forum

    Folks, that's 7 of you today already that have donated - thank you all very much as you have all been very generous. It was 2 years ago that the poll was started and I need to review what the best forum software out on the market is - I know people are used to this one, however I would like the site to have so much more such as an integrated photo gallery and other related shooting material ... I think this could be a winter project I've no doubt you'll all provide useful suggestions and contributions
  8. Upgrading The Forum

    Thanks for the idea Rutty, I like it although I will stress that any donations are entirely voluntary. Thanks to those who have generously donated this morning already.
  9. Upgrading The Forum

    Ok folks, I haven't looked into this for quite a while but decided 20mins ago to add a PayPal donation button near the top of the page. It is not compulsary and is at your discretion. For those of you feeling generous, then any amount will be gratefully received. Some of the money will go towards to the hosting costs and hopefully if there is anything left then this will leave options open for improving the site ... whether that's upgrading the forum software or adding more features in the future Many thanks for all your support over the years and helping grow the target shooting community - keep up the good work and advertise the forum where you can.
  10. Foresight Spirit Level

    Not that it answers your question but MEC have a new spirit level out which screws onto the front of your foresight tunnel - looks easier to adjust and less likely to be knocked than the older spirit levels which tend to stick out on top of the tunnel.
  11. T'internet Connection

    Rock on 8Mbps connection
  12. T'internet Connection

    When you work in a big company you get access to a dedicated lines between a few of you (when you work in the right department ) Slightly different if you have to pay for a 10Mb l/line at home though
  13. Database Corruption

    Sorry folks, there appears to have been a database corruption late last night/ early this morning ... I've sorted the corruption now though. Thanks Neil
  14. Database Corruption

    Don't worry Robin, you're safe enough It's only the few generic forums at the top that are non-shooting specific that are openly available.
  15. Database Corruption

    Looks like a few 'search engines' hit the forum and the sessions table became corrupted. All repaired now and the forum is back up and running Cheers Neil
  16. Admin Away

  17. Admin Away

    Worst snow in 50+ years I have heard ... Well we moved south from Bendigo to the Games Village today - what a place! The accommodation, the food, the sights .. everything is top quality. Congrats on finally getting a house and I will definately be there when I get back!
  18. Admin Away

    Thanks mate ... might just stay here It's currently 34oC and I believe there is about 10" of snow in Aberdeen right now - rough justice
  19. Admin Away

    Well it's just about time to head off for Melbourne After a bit of persuasion Sparks has kindly said he will step in an perform any Admin roles in my absence - thanks Sparks! I hope to get I'net access at points throughout the trip to keep you all updated. Cheers Neil
  20. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  21. Title says it all really ... I had two but managed to break one at the weekend, where the tube sheared off the dove tails ... and I could really do with a second one. Thanks
  22. Weird - Got Me Confused

    Ken, Now look what you've started
  23. Weird - Got Me Confused

    Spot on Trev Believe it or not, the forum was actually started with a different usage in mind and only 'evolved' into a shooting forum when I had the brainwave Chris, are you not taking your supply of t-shirts this weekend?
  24. Weird - Got Me Confused

    Michelle, I'm not quite sure what you are trying but I'd hazzard a guess that you don't have permissions to see the posts for certain users as there are other groups on this forum other than just shooting Hope that answers your question? The "Sorry an error" occured is not always correct, as it's not always an error more a friendly warning
  25. Not A Bug But Please Read

    Sorry batty, hosting true live chat systems is pretty intensive on the server and it's a policy we have decided to adopt to ensure that the integrity of the server is kept as secure as possible. I may be wrong but I'm not sure how much value adding such a chat room would be, I'd rather see comments recorded so there is visibility and the search ability for those who can't look during the day